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Stop the Trade War in the Name of Prosperity

It's slamming farmers and raising prices on consumer goods. China will want to make a deal soon and America should agree.
John Dale Grover September 16, 2019

Making Sense of American-Made and Fueled Bombs in Yemen

Nearly one third of coalition airstrikes have targeted civilians in schools, hospitals, and markets.
John Dale Grover May 6, 2019

Admitting Ukraine Into NATO Would Be a Fool’s Errand

The United States can't be the world's democracy crusader, especially when the stakes are nuclear.
John Dale Grover July 11, 2018

The 3 Ways Diplomacy With North Korea Could End—and War is Still One of Them

Trump must choose from only a few outcomes. But is he really prepared to plan ahead?
John Dale Grover June 14, 2018