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No, I Won’t Check My Privilege

The left’s latest pejorative is racist, sexist, and stifling of honest debate.

Six Months in, #MeToo Has Become Infantilizing and Authoritarian

Bad dates are “abuse.” Putting other women out of work is “empowerment.” How did it go so wrong?

Inclusion Riders: Hollywood’s Feel-Good Insult to Minorities

This is the worst kind of patronage imaginable, and degrades the very cinema it’s supposed to help.

The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing’ Everything

Their obsession with destroying white, euro-centric ‘domination,’ wherever it may be, has become patronizing and authoritarian.

#MeToo in an Age of Heterophobia

Feminists now see sex as reinforcing outdated gender roles, and it’s turning them into authoritarians.