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Gender-Neutral Barbie and the Progressives Who Attack Her

Believe it or not, some on the left think the crazy new toy doesn't go far enough.
Joanna Williams November 22, 2019

Brexit: How Can It Be a Coup If the People Voted for It?

Leaving the EU has turned into a contest between representative and direct democracy, and the latter must win.
Joanna Williams September 6, 2019

Millennials: Stop Talking About ‘Adulting’ and Become Adults

We've created a culture that suggests basic life skills are beyond the young's comprehension.
Joanna Williams July 16, 2019

When Feminism Turns on Women

The #MeToo reaction to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation has been ugly—racist and, yes, sexist too.
Joanna Williams October 11, 2018

Fourth Wave Feminism: Why No One Escapes

Today's outsized Femocracy is more desperate and (self) destructive than its successful progenitors.
Joanna Williams September 4, 2018

No, I Won’t Check My Privilege

The left's latest pejorative is racist, sexist, and stifling of honest debate.
Joanna Williams May 25, 2018

Six Months in, #MeToo Has Become Infantilizing and Authoritarian

Bad dates are "abuse." Putting other women out of work is "empowerment." How did it go so wrong?
Joanna Williams April 19, 2018

Inclusion Riders: Hollywood’s Feel-Good Insult to Minorities

This is the worst kind of patronage imaginable, and degrades the very cinema it's supposed to help.
Joanna Williams March 13, 2018