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The Temptation for Preventative War Just Won’t Go Away

The neoconservatives keep going back to World War II to argue for intervention. A new book throws cold water on their case.

Making American Foreign Policy Unexceptional

Prominent economist Jeffrey Sachs concludes that restraint is the way forward.

The Moral Conceit of Our Post-9/11 Politics

Terror anywhere was suddenly considered terror here. It sent our foreign policy into a shambles.

When We Raised Taxes to Fund Wars

Once, we were all asked to share the burden of overseas commitments. Now we borrow and look at what’s happened.

Can We Admit Now That Afghanistan Reconstruction Failed?

From faulty power stations and shoddy buildings to billions wasted, new evidence shows it was a pipe dream.

The Anti-Liberty Boomerang of U.S. Militarism

An important new book explains how wars abroad create dangerous opportunities for social control at home.

The Petrograd Crime Wave That Helped Create the Soviet Union

A post-tsar spate of murders enabled the rise of the Bolsheviks. Today, it underscores the failures of the Russian Revolution.

Why Are We Still Listening to John Bolton?

Another Washington pundit ‘fails up’ and into our living rooms as TV talking head.

‘The Rock’ For President?

A Dwayne Johnson presidency probably would be similar to what we see today.