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The Great American Gun Show

Ammo, politics, and crazy merch—this writer loved it all.

Drowning in the Military Swamp

This Marine officer got out, but he left a dysfunctional, sclerotic bureaucracy behind.

The Pentagon is Building Up Its Troop Presence…in Norway

If this sounds like the Cold War strategy of containment, it is. The military only knows one enemy: the USSR.

If the Democrats Want Socialism, They Should Go Local

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to push socialist policies through Congress. Why doesn’t she start back home?

40 Years Ago Today: When Solzhenitsyn Schooled Harvard

The famed, exiled author of the “Gulag Archipelago” took the West to task for, of all things, too much liberty.

Amphibious Vehicles Are the Military’s Latest Tax Dollar Sinkhole

Forty-six years and billions later, they are back where they started.