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Wrinkle in Time: When Christianity is Prostituted to Politics

Unfortunately this adaptation of a beloved book did not escape the butchery of Hollywood secularism.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar: Burkean Conservatism in Space

The movie pits natural affections for those close to us against abstract conceptions of humanity.

Reading Edmund Burke at Georgetown

And learning to appreciate him in one of the least hospitable environments imaginable.

The British Satire That Explains Our Trumpian Age

“Yes, Prime Minister” is still the best political spoof around, and it has fresh relevance today.

Oprah Would Make a Better Queen Than President

America’s lack of distinction between political and cultural power has left nothing sacred.

Why the #MeToo Movement Needs a Path to Redemption

Otherwise it will collapse under the weight of its own lack of discernment.

Catalonia Steps Into the Unknown

Or perhaps into recent history. A visit to a Spanish Civil War-era mass grave offers portents for today’s independence declaration.

The Left Has the Stronger Case for Gun Ownership

Yet they choose to ignore it. Have they become too statist and shortsighted?

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