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A Trip to Sicily With a Jersey Girl

Places like Sciacca and Calamonachi have well preserved their native culture. So why have we Americans struggled to do the same?

The Debt Neocons Owe to the Atheist Left

As Christopher Hitchens demonstrated, one easily flows out of the other, with secular utopianism very much intact.

Brian Sims and America’s Abortion Endgame

There’s no middle road. Very soon, either pro-lifers or pro-choicers will suffer a devastating loss.

The Meaning of Notre Dame in a Humanist Age

A country whose revolution tried to erase history has drawn us mercifully back to our past.

C.S. Lewis’s Benedict Option

Long before the ’60s, the great Christian apologist perceived that things were coming apart.

The Covington Catholic Kids Take the Gloves Off

Their lawsuit seeks to teach the media a lesson it will never forget.

Why the Neocons Love South Korea

It became a free nation with a Western-style pop culture after a U.S. intervention. So why hasn’t that worked anywhere else lately?

How to Talk to Someone Who Wants to Put You in a Gulag

It can be done, despite today’s discourse of guillotine references and helicopter memes.

The Most Traditionalist Pub in New York

McSorley’s means good ale and a good ribbing. Don’t even try to ask for wine.

Coming Home to Thanksgiving in Trump Country

It’s a culture shock for our city slicker writer, but always worth it.

With or Without Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” is Unwatchable Nonsense

The show started as a critique of our civic virtue. It ended as an insult to our taste.

#MeToo Falls to Tribalism

Disturbing new polls suggest voters only believe sexual assault when the other party is accused of it.

Is ‘Universal Authorship’ Such a Good Thing?

Instead of free exchange, we’re dissolving into Twitter niche communities and destroying pluralism.

When Government Becomes a Political Weapon

We’ve reached a point where any partisan adversary must be a criminal. How do we put that genie back in the bottle?

Finding Paradise in Post-Industrial Ohio

It’s in unassuming towns like Ashtabula that we learn to love place and community.

Woke Progressivism’s Glaring Religion Gap

Identity politics demands that we “educate ourselves.” So why are its practitioners so often ignorant of religious belief?

Is Jordan Peterson on a Suicide Mission?

He’s inspired many, but underneath lies a pessimism that his message may be too little too late.

How Donald Trump Killed Left-Wing Political Satire

He exposed it as lazy and self-satisfied. But a new introspection suggests it may be stirring on the floor.

The 1990s: When History’s End Went Wrong

Back then our world seemed perfect. So why did we rage against it?

What I Saw at the March for Our Lives Protest

The big pro-gun control demonstration in Washington had some things to criticize and much to admire.

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