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Washington Has Become an Accomplice to Murder

Trump needs to reverse priorities and stand up to the heinous Gulf monarchies that've dragged us into Yemen.
Doug Bandow June 20, 2019

End America’s Illegal Occupation of Syria Now

Our presence there is a violation of domestic and international law that's made a horrible civil war even worse.
Doug Bandow June 13, 2019

The Latest Balkans Breakdown is None of Washington’s Business

Geopolitical meddling has failed in that part of the world before. Why should we try again?
Doug Bandow June 6, 2019

A Common Defense Could Make the European Union Great Again

The supranational giant has assumed unnecessary powers—but protecting the continent should be its responsibility.
Doug Bandow May 30, 2019

On War With Iran, It’s Trump Versus the Founding Fathers

He seems to think he can launch an attack without congressional approval. The Constitution says otherwise.
Doug Bandow May 23, 2019

Iran Says ‘Hell No!’ to Trump’s Aggression

They're doing exactly what we would do in their situation and we should change course before it gets worse.
Doug Bandow May 16, 2019

China Isn’t an Enemy and Hawks Shouldn’t Turn It Into One

Beijing wants to protect its own neighborhood, not commit suicide by challenging America.
Doug Bandow May 9, 2019

India Will Never Be Great Until It Protects Religious Freedom

Hindu nationalist mobs there are increasingly targeting Muslims, Dalits, and especially Christians.
Doug Bandow May 2, 2019