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Why Isn’t Donald Trump Losing Like Barry Goldwater?

And what if he wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral College?

Donald Trump’s Fall and Rise

A before and after look at the second debate—and the latest campaign controversy.

Why I Am Having Nightmares About the Coming Election

Whom do they remind you of, at least vaguely?

The Danes in Afghanistan

Even tiny Denmark suffered significant losses in America’s War on Terror. A new film tells their story.

What I Learned From CNN’s Town Hall

Carson and Kasich are nice, Rubio and Cruz are slick, and Trump has no substance.

The Undying Appeal of Mortal Love

“The Age of Adaline” puts a human face on immortality, and captures the joy of finding someone with whom one can grow old.

Was ‘American Sniper’ Antiwar?

Evaluating Clint Eastwood’s libertarian motivations—and considering what could come next from Hollywood’s loner director.

Stan Evans: Right From the Beginning

M. Stanton Evans founded the conservative movement with vast ambitions—and the fists to back them up.

Werewolves of Portland (Maine)

Gay lycanthropes make an odd couple worth watching, while stock horror done well is still just déjà vu.

In Defense of “God’s Not Dead”

A friendly agnostic finds the Christian blockbuster compelling and intellectually invigorating.

“A Touch of Sin” in China’s New Economy

The People’s Republic confronts capitalism’s dark side in this banned new film.

“White House Down”—What a Waste

“White House Down” A Hollywood-White House-Democratic Party Production Starring Barack H. Obama …

What Makes ‘Mud’ a Conservative (and Great) Movie

The surprising themes of a film about an Arkansas fugitive

Young Americans for Foolishness

This has been a sad time for me, considering how important a …

Two Books and One Cheer for Obama

The world as revealed to me last week: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler …

Rise and Fall of the Young Right

A Generation Awakes: Young Americans for Freedom and the Creation of the …

Race and the Tea Parties

When the Left looks at anti-government protests, it sees hate and hears …

Ron Paul Revolutionizes CPAC

Does the Texas congressman’s victory at this year’s conservative convocation signal changing …

Won By One

I am a curious choice to comment on a manifesto entitled “The …