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Why We Must Reclaim ‘Armistice Day’

The original spirit was 'never again.' Now in an era of forever war, we celebrate vets with a mere ‘thank you.’
Danny Sjursen November 11, 2019

The Sudden Martyrdom of the Government Whistleblower

While true champions of truth pay the price, Democrats lionize a CIA leaker who justifies their impeachment crusade.
Danny Sjursen October 14, 2019

The Tulsi Effect: Forcing War Onto the Democratic Agenda

She is the only candidate who has made ending the wars a centerpiece of her campaign, which will likely lead to her undoing.
Danny Sjursen June 28, 2019

The Generals Won’t Save Us From the Next War

The brass are careerists, never punished for their mistakes, quietly assenting to the latest doomed interventions.
Danny Sjursen June 10, 2019

Yes, My Fellow Soldiers Died in Vain

Iraq vet recalls two friends, one killed in action, the other a suicide---but can't explain or understand what it meant.
Danny Sjursen May 27, 2019

The Left Needs to Stop Crushing on the Generals

Just because liberals don't like Trump doesn't mean the brass are their saviors—or even good strategists.
Danny Sjursen May 3, 2019

America Is Headed For Military Defeat in Afghanistan

It is time to acknowledge this is more than political. We can lose on the battlefield, and it's happening right now.
Danny Sjursen November 30, 2018

Will Iraq Become Another ‘Lesson Lost’ Like Vietnam?

The Army commissioned, then sat on a 1,300-page evaluation of the war. It probably fell short of the truth anyway.
Danny Sjursen November 6, 2018