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Throwing Children Away: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Zero tolerance and the proliferation of cops on campus are sending more kids into a life of incarceration than ever.

The Unreal Scope of China’s Intellectual Property Theft

It costs our economy massively yet President Trump’s response has been to shoot himself in the foot.

Keeping Cops’ Hands Out of Your Pockets

Finally, a case that might put a real crimp into civil asset forfeiture abuse.

America’s Gulf Ally: A Hub for Terrorist Money Laundering

We claim to be fighting terrorism. So why don’t we get tougher on the United Arab Emirates?

Congress’s New Sex Trafficking Bill Won’t Solve Anything

Can third-party websites be accountable for the crimes of users? The government just took a dangerous step in that direction.

Eric Holder Flirts With Presidential Bid, Hooks Up With Hollywood

The former AG is the inspiration behind a new TV series. Expect it to gloss over his shilling for the world’s rich and powerful.

Trump Kicking Out Salvadorans Could Be a Boon for MS-13

Prepare yourself for the next wave of violence-driven migration, and as usual, U.S. policy will have a hand in it.

Washington’s Gutless Approach to Our Addiction Crisis

While other countries decriminalize, Trump is keeping Big Pharma and Big Prisons happy.

Trump, Christie Square Off Over High-Stakes Gambling

The ex-casino mogul is now on the side of federal prohibition.

What Trump’s ‘Warning’ to Colombia Really Means

Drug War still used as front for Cold War meddling, military interventions.

Democratic Party Fraud

Like Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders never had a fair shot.