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Socialists and Fascists Have Always Been Kissing Cousins

Today’s socialists see themselves as the diametric opposite of the fascists they seek to fight. Historically that’s not true.

Finding the Truth in Grandmother’s Ghost Stories

She might not have read T.S. Eliot, but they both implicitly knew there is reality in unreality.

When Russell Kirk Was Really Scary

The founder of post-war conservatism was also fascinated by evil and could spin a spooky tale.

God Bless You, Frank Miller

The illustrator and writer is a master at modern myth, centering around the hero and anti-hero, good and evil, beauty and chaos.

Is ‘Christian Humanism’ Gone Forever?

The last of the brave thinkers and authors in this tradition are long gone. Can anyone replace them?

Russell Kirk and the Logos

He understood what is the center of all thought, all history, all grace, all goodness, and all purpose.

Ray Bradbury Was the Coolest Non-Conformist on the Planet

The ‘Fahrenheit 451’ author despised conformity and the censorship of soft despotism, and found political correctness repulsive.

What if Custer Were A Lone Survivor?

In ‘Armstrong,’ author H.W. Crocker’s new satirical novel takes alt- history into hysterical realms not plumbed since Mark Twain.

What Exactly is ‘The West’?

Far from being racist and sexist, western civilization was the first to argue for the universal concept of the dignity of the human person.

My Ántonia at 100

When it comes to considering America’s greatest writers, it would be foolish to ignore Willa Cather as a contender

Glass Hammer: Giving Meaning to Time & Space

Let me introduce America’s best rock band.

Hope on a Rose

I don’t think any parent will ever get over the loss of a child, and I don’t think we’re meant to.

What is Classical Liberal History?

It begins with the recognition of the inherent worth of the individual—but no one school has the corner on that market.

Trust No One: The X-Files at 25

The series not only foreshadowed creeping empire and the New World Order, but the dangers of an intrusive security state.

Does Anyone Remember the Spirit of ‘76?

This TAC writer does, recalling how his Kansas hometown, ‘tired and sick and angry’ took the bicentennial into their own hands.

Marillion: Prog-Rock’s Bards of Alienation

Since their breakout in the 1980’s they’ve transcended their critics and themselves—and without a corporate label.

Thomas Jefferson is America and America is Thomas Jefferson

He was the best of us, the worst of us, and the finest mind we’ve ever produced.

Russell Kirk at 100

In an age of crass politics, remembering the man who laid American conservatism’s roots.

What Does Classical Education Have to Do With Revolution?

The Origins of the Modern State Part IV: The Roman republic in the American founding.

Bring on the Conservative Debate for Immigration

For what it’s worth, the best of our ancestors believed in the free movement of peoples.

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