Bradley J. Birzer

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Two Tolkiens, One Better World

In his last faithful rendering of his father's vision, Christopher weaves new myth into Middle-earth's rich tapestry.
Bradley J. Birzer April 3, 2019

How Rush Kept Me Alive

The band's individualism and integrity kept the writer's domestic horrors at bay, and inspired a generation.
Bradley J. Birzer December 27, 2018

The Bigotry Inherent in American Progressivism

From Hegel to Woodrow Wilson, its philosophy has always led to the dehumanization of others.
Bradley J. Birzer December 5, 2018

Finding the Truth in Grandmother’s Ghost Stories

She might not have read T.S. Eliot, but they both implicitly knew there is reality in unreality.
Bradley J. Birzer October 30, 2018

When Russell Kirk Was Really Scary

The founder of post-war conservatism was also fascinated by evil and could spin a spooky tale.
Bradley J. Birzer October 19, 2018

Is ‘Christian Humanism’ Gone Forever?

The last of the brave thinkers and authors in this tradition are long gone. Can anyone replace them?
Bradley J. Birzer October 5, 2018

Russell Kirk and the Logos

He understood what is the center of all thought, all history, all grace, all goodness, and all purpose.
Bradley J. Birzer September 27, 2018

Trust No One: The X-Files at 25

The series not only foreshadowed creeping empire and the New World Order, but the dangers of an intrusive security state.
Bradley J. Birzer July 20, 2018