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Macron Goes Full Machiavelli Ahead of the European Elections

The French president is gathering unlikely allies to challenge the populists. But he’s so unpopular, it might not even matter.

The Beginning of the End of Open Borders in Europe

Free movement has been the policy for years. Now it’s under attack by an unlikely critic: Emmanuel Macron.

Nigel Farage is About to Become a British Kingmaker

Whether or not the UK can wriggle out of the European Union, his power over the process will only increase.

The Nationalists Who Could Take Over the European Union

EU leaders are waking up to their worst nightmare: right-wing parties that want to change it from within.

Marine Le Pen Can Win in France By Doing Nothing

She’s back and capitalizing on Emmanuel Macron’s failures to address the Yellow Vest protests.

The European Media’s Deep Bias Against Conservatives

Their outlets, including the publicly funded ones, have been caught red-handed time and again.

An EU Army: From Conspiracy Theory to Reality

French President Macron says such a force may be needed to defend Europe against the U.S.

Macron 2.0: Meet Angela Merkel’s Likely Replacement

He’s a modernizer and an advocate of EU centralization. But can he play the immigration issue right?

The European Union Reaches Its Breaking Point

It’s decided to declare political war on Hungary. Only national rights and open debate can save it now.

Europe’s Hypocritical Fury Towards Trump’s Ambassador

He stands accused of meddling in European political affairs. Guess who else did that?

Emmanuel Macron Divides America’s House

His charming congressional address masked an agenda, including more intervention in Syria.

Emmanuel Macron: The Warmongering Voice in Trump’s Ear

Why did Trump bomb Syria? France’s tough-talking president may have had something to do with it.

Emmanuel Macron, the New King of Europe?

The French president has displaced Angela Merkel as the continent’s most powerful leader—and he has big plans for a big EU.

CPAC Told Those Criticizing Marion Le Pen to Do Their Research—So I Did

Does the conservative conference understand who they just invited?

Forget Davos Elites: Trump’s Protectionism is a Threat to His Own Voters

And because of that, the Europeans have taken the high ground—at least for now.

The Desperate Ploy That is “United States of Europe”

One German leader’s pathetic attempt at rebranding EU by giving it more power should be ignored.

Want to Drain the Swamp? Trump Should Start With Ethanol Reform

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a crony capitalist mess. Here’s how it can be fixed.

Germany’s Irrelevant Election Chaos

The political parties in contention mostly believe the same things.

The Triumph of Marine Le Pen

Her candidacy might have lost but her ideas are becoming France’s mainstream.

Meet Germany’s Alt-Right

The rising movement uses the same playbook as the American version.