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Our Elites’ Selective Support for Democracy

The hypocrisy on daily display in London and Washington of late has become difficult to stomach.

It’s Splitsville for Trump and His Generals

The dealmaking president hasn’t learned how to deal with his subordinates in the military.

When ‘Trashing Our Allies’ Was All the Rage

The same neocons who gush about alliances today were telling anyone not on board with the Iraq invasion to ‘go to hell.’

When David Brooks’ Dreams Don’t Work Out

He thinks the answer is to return power to the morally high-minded establishment that created this mess in the first place.

Electronic Narcissism in the Holy Land

Our writer visited Israel and found plenty of people posing for selfies—along with the old lingering hatreds.

Like the Sixties, Today’s Tumult Will Pass

A great and violent river has bubbled again to the surface of American politics. But the center will hold.

Washington’s Pax Americana Cartel

How can you trust an establishment that so easily succumbs to fantasies of global hegemony and go-it-alone militarism?

Max Boot Resurrects the Lansdale Legend

If only we’d listened to an eccentric CIA operative, we might have won the Vietnam War.

American Stalinism Then and Now

The left has readopted its 1930s purge-happy mindset, in spirit if not in substance.

Trump’s Military Parade: Toy Soldiers Made Large-as-Life

In a weird way, his militaristic proposal captures something important about our present moment.

A Requiem for Vietnam

Today is the anniversary of the fall of Saigon–and here is what writers from George Kennan to Gore Vidal had to say about it in 1975.

Trump’s National Defense Strategy Has the Pentagon Popping Champagne

Along with the entire the military-industrial complex.

President Trump’s ‘Friends’ in Saudi Arabia

Is the United States becoming a patsy for the Kingdom?

The Real News We Ignore at Our Peril

This is the threat to our democracy, not Fake News. And Exhibit A is our failed war in Afghanistan.

Learning From Churchill

“Darkest Hour” is latest retelling of the heroic Churchill parable, routinely celebrated by American politicians and pundits.

The Woeful Inadequacy of Never-Trumpism

Max Boot and Eliot Cohen can’t figure out why Trump was elected in the first place.

When Washington Assured Russia NATO Would Not Expand

How America’s failure to honor a 1990 commitment led to many of today’s global crises.

No, the “Long War” Didn’t Fail Because of American Democracy

Refuting the latest excuse from some national security professionals.

The End of Endism?

Almost three decades after “the end of history” thesis emerged, the problems of modernity remain.

More ‘Fake News,’ Alas, From the New York Times

Manafort isn’t the only villain in this establishment fairy tale.

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