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The Blob: Still Chasing After Pax Americana

After all the failure, they still look at our wars in the Middle East as some kind of golden age.
Andrew J. Bacevich November 11, 2019

American ‘Freedom Man’ is Made of Straw

Bret Stephens' foolish caricature of America only nurses our delusions about 'the good' we've done in the world.
Andrew J. Bacevich October 16, 2019

President Trump, Please End the American Era in the Middle East

Because people like Bret Stephens would keep sacrificing our men and women for a regional Pax Americana that never was.
Andrew J. Bacevich September 24, 2019

The Decline of Our Nation’s Generals

Once powerful titans of policy, today no one knows who they are. Given all the mistakes they've made, is it any wonder?
Andrew J. Bacevich July 19, 2019

Bill Kristol Takes Nasty Swipe At New Left-Right Project for Peace

It's his way of smearing anyone who questions endless wars as head-in-the-sand, let-Hitler-do-whatever-he-wants isolationists.
Andrew J. Bacevich July 2, 2019

Bret Stephens, Warmonger

In fact, some people do want war, including a certain New York Times columnist.
Andrew J. Bacevich June 18, 2019

A Recipe for Counterculture Conservatism

The welfare state might be here to stay, but there are other ways the Right can make a meaningful difference.
Andrew J. Bacevich May 30, 2019

How the War Party Broke Trump

He's the closest thing we've had to an antiwar president in 40 years—but the entrenched interests have proven too strong.
Andrew J. Bacevich May 29, 2019