Tomorrow at noon, the R Street Institute will host an event titled “Energy and Environmental Reform: Conservative Perspectives for the Trump Administration” in the Rayburn House Office Building. The speakers will include numerous TAC contributors, including James P. Pinkerton, Managing Editor Robert VerBruggen, R Street’s Catrina Rorke, the Heritage Foundation’s Katie Tubb, and Brent Fewell, founder of the Earth and Water Group. Jim Presswood of the Earth Stewardship Alliance will moderate.

Here is the full description of the event:

The Trump Administration has started the process of unraveling a significant number of Obama-era regulations on energy and the environment—but what should the next move be? The time has come for the Oval Office, Congress and the states to enact a proactive, pro-market agenda that unleashes America’s energy potential while carefully stewarding our environmental resources.

Please join us for a panel discussion with introductory comments by The American Conservative managing editor Robert VerBruggen on ways to liberate markets, create flexible and disciplined federal agencies and ignite innovation.

We’ll discuss reining in the bureaucracy of the Environmental Protection Agency, fixing the Department of Energy’s disastrous policy of picking technology “winners,” and exploring the many ways that markets can deliver economic growth and better environmental outcomes without the heavy hand of government.

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