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Antifa Beats Up Andy Ngo

Violent leftist group rules Portland with same impunity as the KKK ruled 1960s Birmingham
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Andy Ngo is a Portland-based journalist (for Quillette) who has made it his business to document the violence and insanity of Antifa in his city. Today they got him. They beat him up and stole his camera equipment.

One gets the impression that Antifa rules Portland with the same impunity that the Ku Klux Klan ruled Birmingham in the 1960s. Do they actually have police in Portland? Do they have functioning government there?

A reporter for the Portland Oregonian recorded some footage of those masked cowards attacking Ngo:


Ted Wheeler is the mayor of Portland, a city where the violent far left gets to beat people up with impunity. Why would people want to visit that city? Why would companies want to relocate there to do business?



UPDATE.2: Andy Ngo was kept in the hospital overnight because of bleeding in his brain. Meanwhile:




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