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Ahmaud Arbery, Just A Runner

Video shows white men shooting black jogger on run through their neighborhood
Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 8.21.02 PM

My God, it’s as bad as they say:

Arbery was unarmed. Of course. The white men claim they were trying to make a citizen’s arrest of a burglary suspect. Arbery himself was no suspect — but he was black.

UPDATE: I found out this morning that a homeschooling friend of my family’s — a middle-class, Christian African-American woman — has been thinking about moving with her husband and kids to a rural area in the South, near the big city where they live. They have been warned by sympathetic sources not to do it, because the white people who live in that community do not want blacks living there, and will enforce that violently. The friend looks at white men protesting with guns because they want to get a haircut during Covidtide, and thinks about how her family might not be able to move into a certain neighborhood because her husband and older sons might have to worry about being shot by angry white men.

This is insane, and unjust. But this is life for a lot of black people in America. We should not forget that.