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To Catch a Prager

State of the Union: Dennis Prager seems to defend the inalienable right to animated child pornography.

Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated conservative radio talk

What are you trying to conserve?

The answer for Dennis Prager is, apparently, defending the inalienable right of people to produce, consume, and masturbate to animated child pornography.


The clip, from a debate with Matt Fradd of Pints With Aquinas a few months back, is making the rounds on social media. Watch it:

Fradd: “Would you use the word evil of animated child pornography, because I certainly would.”

Prager: “No, I would use evil only with behavior.”

Fradd: “If I masturbated to animated pictures of pornography, I’m not doing something evil?”

Prager: “That’s correct.”

Fradd: “Yeah… I think that’s despicable.”

Prager: “Really?”

Fradd: “Yes, of course.”

Over the years, Prager has staked some bizarre claims when it comes to sexuality, particularly when it comes to pornography, but this utter insanity has to take the cake. This clip isn’t indicative of the full 48-minute conversation between Prager and Fradd. The video is worth a skim—just fast forward to all of Fradd’s responses. Some of the parts where Fradd understandably looks at Prager with complete befuddlement are worth watching too, if only for the laughs.

The pair discuss the “pornification of society,” to which, I guess it is worth specifying, both are opposed. “The number of young men who learn about women through porn and not real life is a very scary thing,” Prager says at one point. Throughout the conversation, Prager repeatedly says he is anti-porn, only to say something about the harmlessness or benignity of its consumption immediately after.

Immediately after the previously hyperlinked clip ends, Prager asks Fradd, “who is being hurt,” by the consumption of animated child porn. “You have to have a victim,” Prager says. Fradd responds and says the consumer and the animator before Prager interjects. “I won’t call a fantasy evil,” Prager exclaims. “There’s too much real evil on earth for me to start being preoccupied with people’s thinking.” 

Yes, real evil surrounds us every day. It all has a spiritual element, a dimension that seems fantastical. That doesn’t make it less real but more real.