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Waiting for the Barbarians

Kale and Rod talk about the Slap Heard 'Round the World, "what is a woman?", and NatCon Brussels.
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In their warm up, Kale and Rod talk about the Slap Heard ‘Round the World at this year’s Oscars and the snoozefest it has become. They move into a discussion of the deeper implications of the question: “what is a woman?”

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson professed her inability to answer the question at the confirmation hearings, and they talk about the deeper implications of why this matters, especially in our current moment.

They then talk about the NatCon Conference in Brussels, and especially the bold speech of Eva Vlaardingerbroek as well as Alex Kaschuta, host of The Subversive Podcast and their critiques of Western Liberalism. The question is serious: will it hold?

Have we lost Western Civilization’s “default settings”? Or are we doomed to continue to toil in the world of Crowley?

They move on to discuss Iain McGilchrist and his vision of purpose encoded in the natural world. Can we rediscover our purpose, or are we simply waiting for the barbarians to take us? Are we stuck in Necropolis?

They finish up on a conversation about the prophetic role of the church, and the need for moral leadership. What do we do when these, too, are captured?




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