According to a new survey, public support for the Occupy movement has dropped sharply.  Who paid for this poll? Some right-wing nut-job think tank? No, the leftie website DailyKos:

“What the downturn in Occupy Wall Street’s image suggest is that voters are seeing the movement as more about ‘Occupy’ than ‘Wall Street’:  The controversy over the protests is starting to drown out the actual message,” wrote Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling.

In the latest survey, 33 percent voiced support for Occupy Wall Street, down from 35 percent in a previous poll, while opposition to the movement climbed from 36 percent to 45 percent.  Twenty-two percent were unsure.

The poll asked:  “Do you have a higher opinion of the Occupy Wall Street movement or the Tea Party movement?”  Forty-three percent opted for Tea Party, 37 percent for the occupiers.

“These are rough numbers for Occupy Wall Street:  The particularly painful part is falling behind the Tea Party,” Chris Bowers wrote on the web site, which sponsored the poll. has been outspoken in its support for the occupiers.

Jensen reported, however, that public support remains high for raising taxes on the wealthy and taking away their multiple tax breaks.

It’s what I’ve been saying here for some time. People agree, generally, with the goals of Occupy. They just don’t like the movement itself. Why do you suppose that is? Why, oh why? How many people are going to show up in the combox thread blaming America for failing Occupy, instead of Occupy for failing to build on popular support for its worldview, and instead focusing on this hippy-dippy downtwinkles crap, maintaining pointless hobo encampments, and in one crackpot Seattle case, alienating allies for no good reason?

The Tea Party is now more popular than Occupy. Think about that.