Is this the craziest Republican primary campaign, or what? Now Newt Gingrich has collapsed in the Iowa polls. With voting there only six days away, Newt will be lucky to come in third. Right now, it looks like Romney, Paul, and Santorum, in that order. Meanwhile, Gingrich’s commanding lead over Romney nationally has also collapsed. They’re now tied in a Gallup poll.  Gingrich desperately needed a win in Iowa to sustain his campaign. He’s not going to get it there, and he’s definitely not going to get it in New Hampshire, which Romney’s going to win easily. Why would anybody give money to a campaign that can’t win Iowa or New Hampshire, is fading nationally, and that is so badly organized it couldn’t even get on the primary ballot in Virginia?

Let us bow our heads and utter words of prayer in remembrance of the Gingrich campaign.

And let us endeavor to enjoy such precious moments as Speaker Gingrich has to give us for as long as he can keep going in this thing. Like today’s insight, for instance, in which he said his and Callista’s luxury cruise of the Greek islands was actually training for fiscal leadership:

“Ironically, being in Greece during the Greek crisis was very helpful and gave me a much deeper perspective of how hard this was going to be.”

Ironically, drinking that $150 bottle of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame on my 10th wedding anniversary gave me a much deeper perspective of the physics of carbonated liquids.