You could say that it’s unfair of The New York Times to focus on the fact that Mitt Romney gave a major policy speech to a largely empty Detroit stadium.  But really, isn’t that the truth of things? Nobody likes Romney, or gives a rat’s rear end what he has to say about anything. He’s going to be the GOP nominee, and he’s going to draw a certain number of votes, because he’s a Republican, and because he’s not Barack Obama.

But really, nobody cares. Not even the people who are going to vote for him.

I feel bad for the guy, because I honestly believe he’s a decent man. But man, what’s the point of this guy’s candidacy?

UPDATE: The WaPo’s lede:

Friday was supposed to be the moment for Mitt Romney’s triumphant return to his birthplace, when he would use the cavernous Ford Field to deliver a policy addressthat established him as the lone Republican capable of both fixing the economy and beating President Obama.

But the event served up fresh evidence for Romney critics who say he can’t rise to the occasion and rally important elements of the GOP around his candidacy.

It’s a long, long time, from now till November. Oy.