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Chivalry and Canada

Canadian feminists seem to say that old-fashioned Southern manners are actually progressive

Posted January 20th, 2015

Canadian Christians: Tomorrow’s Soviet Jews?

Will the US see a stream of Christian doctors and lawyers emigrating from Canada for religious freedom?

Posted January 20th, 2015

Bullying Canada’s Catholic Schools

American readers, take a moment to give silent thanks for the First …

Posted July 19th, 2014

Error Has No Right To Start A Canadian Law School

The Law Society of British Columbia has voted overwhelmingly to deny accreditation …

Posted June 12th, 2014

Error Has No Right To Run A Canadian Law School

The Ontario Law Society has voted against accreditation of a Christian university’s …

Posted April 25th, 2014

Canada’s Iran-Iraq Of Culture Wars

A reader sends this Ezra Levant piece from the Toronto Sun about …

Posted March 8th, 2014

Whoring Now Legal In Canada

Thanks to Canada’s Supreme Court: Canada‘s highest court struck down the country’s …

Posted December 21st, 2013

The Secular Tyranny Of Quebec

At First Things, Mathew Frost gives us a heads-up about a shockingly …

Posted August 30th, 2013

Modern Canadian Blasphemy

This just in from our friends across the border: Only hours after …

Posted January 23rd, 2013

McMansions Of The Canadian Prairie

R.J. Snell pays a visit to the little town on the Canadian …

Posted January 16th, 2013

View From Your Table

Isn’t that utterly sublime? The reader writes: The attached picture was taken …

Posted October 6th, 2012

View From Your Table

Writes the reader: That’s a banana, strawberry, and caramel crepe in the …

Posted September 17th, 2012

View From Your Table

Posted July 31st, 2012

Cross Dressing For Kindergarten

From a curriculum guide a cross-dressing Toronto schoolteacher has written to shape …

Posted June 25th, 2012