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A Muslim Benedict Option

Al-Maqasid, a center of learning and formation in the Lehigh Valley

Posted April 18th, 2018

Me In Fairfax County On Thursday 4/19

‘Benedict Option’ talk at Lorien Wood School in Virginia

Posted April 18th, 2018

Christianity In Negative World

How will the faith survive in a world that sees Christianity as a bad thing?

Posted April 15th, 2018

The Total Surveillance State

What China is doing to liberty with technology

Posted April 14th, 2018

The Ikhwan & The Benedict Option

Christians, the Muslim Brotherhood, and living under secularism

Posted April 12th, 2018

So Much For The ‘Francis Effect’

New Gallup numbers show steady decline in US Catholicism

Posted April 11th, 2018

The End Of Compatibilism?

The intersection of orthodox religion and the liberal order approaches nullity

Posted April 10th, 2018

Rosemary’s Theyby

The diabolic destruction of sex in the name of progress

Posted April 5th, 2018

The Benedict Option In Paperback

‘The most discussed and important religious book of the decade’ is now more affordable

Posted April 3rd, 2018

Reader: Catholics Need To Connect To The Benedict Option

So do all Christians oppressed by turmoil, confusion, fear, and anger in their churches

Posted March 31st, 2018

The Sexual Revolution Conquers US Churches

Small-o orthodox Christians must accept that sexual ‘liberty’ is popular

Posted March 29th, 2018

New Book News

‘The Benedict Option’ coming soon in paperback — and also an updated version of ‘How Dante Can Save Your Life’

Posted March 27th, 2018

Ben Op For Seculars

Conservative but not religious? There are still reasons to flee like Benedict from our decadent ‘Rome’

Posted March 27th, 2018

The Barely-Beating Heart Of Christendom

The faith is all but dead in Europe. America is not fated to follow — but only if US Christians wake up

Posted March 26th, 2018

Atheist Young Europe

Survey: UK, Continent are a post-Christian spiritual wasteland

Posted March 21st, 2018

It Can Happen To You — And Will

Social Justice Warriors marching through the HR departments by attacking language

Posted March 21st, 2018

Building The Shire

Creative minorities forming communities of joyful resistance to the Republic of Saruman

Posted March 20th, 2018