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Scott McConnell is a founding editor of TAC

Who Will Survive New Hampshire?

Trump still draws large crowds, but more voters should have a chance to see Christie and Kasich.

Trump Still Alive After Iowa

Like the global elite he disdains, his appeal isn’t going away.

Jeb Won’t Challenge Rubio

Bush has lost the energy to take out his protege, as well as any pretense of foreign-policy realism.

How Iowa Can Change New Hampshire

Not much is decided until the last few minutes of the game.

Can Trump Close the Deal?

His supporters may not be as reliable as more upscale voters, but their numbers are still impressive.

Donald Trump Is More Like Ike Than George W. Bush

And that’s what movement conservatives hate about the Republican frontrunner.

Cruz Insurgent, Trump Playing for Middle of the Green

Is The Donald starting to play it safe in New Hampshire?

John Kasich Rising—and Realist?

His admiration of Jim Baker suggests the Ohio governor may not be as hawkish as his rhetoric suggests.

Where Is the Foreign Policy Debate in 2016?

The Charles Koch Institute brings a much needed discussion to New Hampshire.

Donald Trump Takes No Snow Days

And neither do the 1,500 fans who attended his rally Saturday. Here’s what our correspondent saw.

First Notes from New Hampshire

An unexpectedly exciting race sees Sanders undermining Hillary, and the GOP in tumult.

Trump and the Riot of the Elites

Skeptics of Mideast immigration understandably want to guard against terrorist blowback created by U.S. intervention there.

Is Fox the Voice of Middle America?

On immigration and foreign policy, the right-of-center network can be forced to promote a more sensible approach.

Has Hillary Learned Nothing From Iraq?

Clinton’s response to ISIS is to double down on neoconservative talking points.

Who Are the Allies Against ISIS?

If the Islamic State cannot be contained, a genuine international coalition must stand up.

This Time, Fight the Real Enemy

The Islamic State is the threat to West—not Assad or Iran.

Donald Trump’s Nuclear Test

He wins by defying the GOP establishment at every turn. But will he fall into line on Iran?

Netanyahu’s Lobby vs. the World

The Iran deal pits the allies of Israel’s prime minister against an international consensus.

A Thatcherite Approach to the Iran Deal

The Iron Lady was a principled friend to Israel who could have rallied conservatives to Obama’s nuclear agreement.

Obama vs. Netanyahu: The Decisive Months

Will Iran deal opponents sway the American public and lawmakers?

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