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Yoram Hazony & The Next Conservatism

The General Eclectic with Rod Dreher: Season 2, Episode 11
General Eclectic

Rod and Kale have Yoram Hazony on to talk about his just released book “Conservatism: A Rediscovery.”
They discuss:
– Can Conservatives learn to Conserve?
– Post-fusionism and Cultural Transmission
– Public and Personal realms
– No real “Neutrality”
– Honor creates a world
– Freedom above all and the dissolution of Family
– Woke as a placeholder for the loss of tradition
– Post WW2 cultural trauma
– The Bible’s centrality
– The successes of Enlightenment Rationalism
– Institutional capture
– False nazi smears and “postures versus arguments”
– Fight for restoration not revolution
– Yoram’s personal turn to Conservatism through lived tradition
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