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Worse Than a Failure

The Biden administration's commitment to open borders hurts Texans, and Texas must respond.
border wall

The City of McAllen, Texas, announced today that 7,000 Covid-19 positive illegal immigrants have been released into their city by the federal government since February, with 1,500 in just the past week. In response, the city has declared a state of disaster. 

In normal times with a normal president, McAllen’s declaration would be seen as evidence of catastrophic failure by the federal government to maintain control of the border. But we are not in normal times and without a normal president, so the crisis has been relegated to the back pages in favor of lurid Cuomo reporting. Still, the media’s cover-up does not absolve policymakers of their responsibility.

McAllen is only 11 miles from the country’s southern border. It is a Hispanic-majority city and has been a reliable, century-long stronghold for the Texas Democrats. Only recently, in the face of the federal government hand-delivering disaster to South Texas, has McAllen elected a Republican mayor. 

The Biden administration is forcing the deadly consequences of their obsessive ideological drive toward open borders on the Rio Grande Valley without the consent of the region’s citizens. Human and drug trafficking cartels have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the past decades. So routine is the cycle of terror that while the U.S. has spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives fighting terror abroad, it failed to notice that more people died of cartel-related violence in the Juarez-El Paso metro region during 2007 than did of Islamic terror in Baghdad during the surge. The dereliction of duty seemed to have hit bottom then, but with the intentional release of Covid-19 positive migrants into American cities, the open-border cult has finally found its new abyss. 

At this point, solutions to the border crisis are no longer worth discussing with the Biden administration. Negotiation with a political class that has intentionally created a crisis in one of its cities is futile. The message is clear: the federal government will create a crisis to achieve its open-borders ideology and crush resistance from those directly impacted. 

The Texas state government must prepare to take extraordinary action to protect its citizens against federal irresponsibility. To his credit, Governor Greg Abbott has committed to finishing the border wall with state funding, allocated billions of dollars to more border security, and has deployed Texas state troopers to control the crisis. In response, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened legal action. 

Now that the migrant numbers and administration intentions are clear, Texas must be prepared to defy federal mandates and continue implementing security measures in the face of Garland’s legal maneuvering. Congress will not act, and the Courts will slog along, but responsible government requires immediate action to defend the people of the Rio Grande Valley. Ideologues have compromised the basic functioning of our federal government; it is past time for states to assert their rights and protect their citizens.