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School Terror On The Philly Mainline!

Zero tolerance for monastic theatrical garb -- for the frail children's sake

‘Won’t somebody please think of the children?!’ (Bruce Rolff/Shutterstock)
This alert to parents went out from the Lower Merion School District to parents:

Subject: Photo on social media
Reply-To: info@lmsd.org

Good afternoon, LMSD High School Families,

Late this afternoon, it came to the attention of the Lower Merion School District Administration that a disturbing photograph was circulating on social media. The photograph shows a person in a white hooded robe in a hallway at Lower Merion High School.

The robe is part of a monk costume from “Romeo and Juliet.” The monk’s costume — along with many other costumes — were to be used by 9th grade English students to act out the Shakespeare play. The photo appears to have been taken as a student was returning to class for a performance.

As soon as the teacher saw that particular costume, she realized it could be misinterpreted and that its imagery was disturbing. The costume will not be used in future enactments of “Romeo and Juliet.”

We wanted to explain the circumstances behind the photo, should your students see it. Any student or family member who wishes to discuss this incident further should contact their high school principal’s office.

Yours truly,

Amy Buckman
Dir. School and Community Relations

Last month, LMSD attempted to protect its students from the gender-exclusive word “Mister,” sparking protests — this, despite the fact that in 2016, Lower Merion became officially trans-affirmative.

In 2015, a teacher in the affluent school district sent home a form asking parents to consent to their child eating an Oreo:


Frailty, thy name is Lower Merion!



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