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Call The #WaukeshaMassacre What It Is

Black career criminal who posted race hate drives car into white crowd, killing six. Media finally finds a story about intra-racial violence it's happy to ignore
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The killers of Ahmaud Arbery were found guilty of murder today. Good. Sure did seem like they were guilty. Kyle Rittenhouse got justice last week, and the Arbery murderers did this week. Looking good for the jury system.

But it continues to look bad for the media and the professional neoracists (but I repeat myself) regarding the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre. Do you remember when that white guy in Georgia, Robert Aaron Long, who shot up those massage parlors? Most of the women he killed were Asian; he told police that he had a sex addiction, and these were the places he went to do the sexual things that made him hate himself and others. Cops said there was no reason to believe that the killings were driven by racial animus; the guy was a sex freak, and the kind of women who staff massage parlors (the kinds that are fronts for sexual activity) are Asian.

Nevertheless, the media went berserk calling this an anti-Asian hate crime. To be clear, it is fair and responsible to ask the question, “Was this driven by racial malice?”, but the media were so eager to find a white man who mass-murdered non-white victims that they just didn’t stop, even though no evidence emerged for a racial motivation.

So, in Waukesha, we have a suspect in custody who deliberately drove a speeding car through a Christmas parade. The suspect is black, and has a history of posting anti-white hatred on social media, and attacked a parade in a suburb that is 89 percent white, with a black population of only 3.5 percent. We still don’t have a clear racist motive for the attack, but for pity’s sake, if you’re looking to see if a racist motive exists, the plain facts of this case give you a lot to work with. But our media? No. Looking the other way.

This is how they roll. In this long NPR report about the arrest of a New York man in a horrible case of anti-Asian hate, not once does NPR mention the word “black” — the race of the man who beat the old Filipino woman. The only reason you know he’s black is because of a tweet put out by the NYPD taken from surveillance video. NPR frames the whole thing as a crime motivated by racial bias, which it clearly seems to have been, but they take care not to mention the race of the alleged perpetrator. Why not? This was a conscious decision. It had to have been.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, large mobs of black men are looting stores. We know this from security video. But one San Francisco media outlet is policing words:

We were treated to a fusillade of stories about anti-Asian hate after the Atlanta killings — see what turns up at The New York Times when you put the terms “Atlanta” and “anti-Asian” into the search engine — and look, I’m not going to say that they’re all phony, because Asians really were being attacked in unusual numbers. But if memory serves, in the cases where there was video, the attackers were usually black — a fact that somehow rarely if ever made it into the media reporting. Four black girls in Philadelphia have been arrested and charged with a bias crime for this attack on defenseless Asians on the subway there:

We all know that if four whites had assaulted two non-whites, especially two non-whites who didn’t fight back, that it would have been national news, and we would have had endless ABCNBCCBSPBSNPRCNNMSNBC thumb-sucking about What It Says About White Rage. When Rittenhouse was found not guilty, many in the media, and in left-wing organizations, denounced it as a triumph of racism, even though the men he shot were white.

But to our media, if the killer is non-white, and the victims are white, it’s hardly worth remarking on. Right?

Six people are dead in Waukesha. They happen to be white. The alleged killer — a black man — posted anti-white, pro-Hitler material online. Though a violent criminal, he was out on ridiculously low bail thanks to a squishy-liberal white Democratic DA who believes in “bail reform”. Some things are so obvious that even a liberal reporter should be able to see it. In France, when a Muslim terrorist drove through a crowd on the promenade in Nice, they called it terrorism, because it was. Why not this attack in Waukesha? Why not at least explore whether or not Darrell Brooks’s open racism had anything to do with this mass murder?

Why manage the news? I’m asking rhetorically, because I know perfectly well why they’re managing the news. It’s for the same reason that Catholic bishops covered up sex crimes by pedo priests: to control the narrative, avoid responsibility, and manage the anger of the rubes. Remember what ex-NYT reporter Nellie Bowles revealed recently about how Times editors spiked a Kenosha story of hers? Excerpt:

Meanwhile, this is Thanksgiving in the media’s America:

They hate us. They really do.

UPDATE: Because some of you ask, “us” = normal unwoke Americans.

UPDATE.2: I see some people think I’m speaking in code, meaning “us” as “whites” and “they” as blacks. Nope. “They,” in my usage, is the ruling class, of all races. The “us,” as I see it, include black conservative and sister in Christ Winsome Sears, the lieutenant governor of Virginia. I would stand with Winsome Sears against woke nitwits of my own race, no question.



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