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Warning About The Woke Workplace

He heavily recruited a talented progressive to work on his office team. Then she asked him a question that got him fired
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I hear from time to time from readers who have suffered persecution, or at least harassment, at work from the woke. This one, though, got to me. I have removed the name of the institution from this letter at the writer’s request. I looked him up online and he is who he says he is:

[Recently] I was terminated by [university], found guilty of a Title IX violation against a protected class. A few months prior, I had recruited a lesbian to come work for our department. I had known her for some time in other contexts and knew the quality of her work, so I heavily recruited her. None of that mattered, however, when on the first day she turned to me and said, “Elephant in the room: you’re a former pastor, I’m a married lesbian. What do you think about that? I believe I’m a Christian; do you think I’m a Christian?”

I highly respected her, and so I saw no alternative but to place my career literally in her hands and honor her with a gentle but honest answer. A week later a Title IX investigation began. A month later I was gone.

I asked the reader if he wanted me to put him in touch with a religious liberty lawyer. He said that he had already consulted an attorney, who gave him 50/50 odds of prevailing in federal court. The reader added that he prayed about it, and felt that it was not God’s will that he pursue the case. He adds:

Feel free to write in general about this if you believe it will help wake believers up, but I don’t believe God wants me fighting with the university so please leave the name of the university out. Justice belongs to the Lord.

I could tell you so many incredible stories about what I am seeing God doing. The way He is working in my life makes the suffering my family is going through worth the loss, but I must say, it is still hard. Today, I interviewed for a job selling suits at our local Macys for $17/hr. That’s a long step down, and God will have to perform miracles to make it work even for a family with only one car and no debts outside a mortgage. But He is faithful and always will be.

The reader had a very good job at the university. He was not an academic, but was in administration. He should never have answered that woman’s question, obviously, but what a cruel, spiteful woke creature she is. Why would you even do that to your co-worker, especially one who helped you get hired? This is the kind of thing that makes it risky to have any contact beyond what is strictly necessary with a woke person. They will destroy you for the sake of Social Justice™, and won’t even think twice about it.

Pray for this man. He is not young. He and his family are paying a price. Don’t ever think you are safe among the woke, not even if you have been kind to them, and helped them out.



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