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Visible Transgenders

State of the Union: Leftists insist that “visibility” is a problem facing transgender people. Well, now we can see them, all right.

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary and perhaps not the brightest crayon in the box, nevertheless asked an important question about the Monday Nashville shooting. "What I will say to Republicans in Congress is, 'What are you going to say to these parents?'"

It is an important question. What will the Republicans say? Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas tweeted “It doesn't get much lower than blaming Republicans in Congress for a transgender killer who targeted a Christian school.” Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio said, “Everyone who comments on this issue is aware of the militant, sometimes violent rhetoric of these activists. It's time for our elites to stop encouraging this stuff, or they're going to get more kids killed.” Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri called upon the FBI and Homeland Security to open a federal hate crime investigation.


All worthy sentiments. But it doesn’t answer the question. What would they say to the parents? 

The real answer would assess the risk that the nation faces from a combination of activism, ideology, and mental instability. It would identify punitive measures to offset the growing tide of violence by transgender people from Australia to Britain to America. It would acknowledge that repeat offenders will never be redeemed, and that older, saner conservatives understood how best to deal with career criminals, the lawless, and the mentally deranged. A decent answer would explore ways to reform the FBI so that it can refocus on its actual job: checking violence on the streets in American cities. 

But we don’t hear Republicans talk much about that. 

We often hear two things among the political sophisticates: First, that transgenders are facing a “genocide,” and second, that guns are a real crisis. Neither is true. Given that around 0.6 percent of all adults self-identify as transgender, in an actual planned and orchestrated mechanized mass murder they’d already have been wiped out by now. No one is talking about doing that. It is, like much of left wing politics, an inverted projection of the id

Normies are not the ones conflating silence with violence, and actual violence with speech “by the voiceless.” Normies are not the ones dressing in all black, hiding their faces in balaclavas, rioting and committing arson, shooting children because some people oppose drag shows for kids and sexualized education for eight-year-olds from septum-pierced “teachers” obsessed with talking about their own sexualities. 


Raging about guns is another safe outlet for the otherwise politically impotent who would rather not talk about taking drastic measures to stop either repeat offenders or the mentally deranged.  It is a deliberate obfuscation to focus on the tools instead of the ideology. It is easy to keep meandering about stuff that is politically unattainable while ignoring the doable because it is politically inconvenient. Punitive justice goes against the core theology of liberalism. 

But none of those is the real issue. 

A congresswoman pushing "trans credit equity" on the day a delusional twenty-eight-year-old transgender-identifying woman full of testosterone shoots up a school is the real issue. A national newspaper normalizing mental derangement in the name of politics is the real issue. University professors arguing that it is better to “kill transphobes instead of shouting them down” is the real issue. Major institutions, corporations, and businesses injecting toxin into the veins of civilized society without any repercussions is the major issue. 

We often hear about Trans Day of Rage or Trans Day of Vengeance. The language is similar to the Muslim Brotherhood during the peak of the ill-fated Arab Spring. Apparently, transgender people are not visible enough. 

Well, good news. They are seen and heard now, loud and clear. It is prominently visible all over TV and social media, alongside the dead faces of victims of actually planned and orchestrated mass murder. 

If this is how some people want to be visible, it would be foolish to not see them as exactly who they are.


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