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Trump Wins Missouri: No Surprises Here

State of the Union: Trump’s solid victory in Missouri continues his winning streak against Nikki Haley.

Donald Trump Hosts Caucus Night Watch Party In Las Vegas
Credit: Getty Images/Mario Tama

The former President Donald Trump continued his steady march towards the Republican presidential nomination with a decisive victory on March 2 in the Missouri Republican caucuses. 

Trump pulled 100 percent of delegates compared to his rival Nikki Haley’s 0 percent. (Missouri determines this based on how many statewide delegates from caucus precincts a candidate takes, rather than on raw vote share.) This performance is a continuation of his domination over Haley from Tuesday’s Michigan primary and bodes well for his performance in the “Super Tuesday” primaries.


In Missouri during the 2016 race, Trump defeated Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas by just 0.21 percent, a notably slimmer margin than he experienced in today’s race.

Missouri Republicans switched from a primary to caucuses after passing an elections bill that canceled the 2024 primary during last year’s legislative session. According to Penny Quigg, the Cole County Republican Central Committee chair, the change made it more difficult for voters to support their respective candidates: “You know, there’s kind of a hardcore group,” she said of today’s voter pool.

The former president was quick to take to Truth Social to announce his win.

Democrats will hold their own presidential primary in Missouri on March 23, 2024.


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