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Trump Unbound: Visions for a Second Term

An election night victory could hand President Donald Trump four years of unchained potential for an America First agenda.

I expect President Trump to win re-election and win big. In a game of cops and robbers, most people side with the cops. A triumphant Trump will be Trump Unbound, Promethean in his defiance of the establishment. The result should be more fun than a barrel of Menckens.

What outrages might he inflict? Some interesting possibilities.

 In a repeat of Nixon going to China, Trump goes to Moscow. Nixon countered the Soviet threat not by shovelling endless money into the Pentagon’s maw but by a brilliant grand strategic maneuver: Convincing China to align with the United States against Moscow. (That move also nullified our defeat in Vietnam by eliminating its strategic significance.) Not entirely wisely, President Trump will likely up the ante in his confrontation with China. Could he convince Russia to de-align with Beijing and join us in containing China? America’s foolish continuation of an anti-Russian policy after communism fell has pushed Russia and China together, but Moscow fears long-term Chinese ambitions in Siberia. If President Trump wants leverage on China, nothing would give him more than facing Beijing with a land threat along its vast northern border.

President Trump will remain pro-military, but that does not mean he loves the top brass. He knows they hold him in contempt as a person and they also continue to block his desire to bring the boys home. Were he to adopt a policy of military reform, the agenda for which was laid out in the 1980s and remains relevant, he would give the brass fits while saving money and improving our ability to win wars, something in short supply of late.

President Trump won election and, I expect, re-election in part by defying cultural Marxism, aka political correctness. Now, he could launch a full-fledged crusade against it. Most people are fed up with PC, with children telling adults what words they may or may not use and thoughts they may or may not think. 

The president began a counter-offensive in his first term. In March he announced that colleges and universities that failed to protect freedom of thought and expression would lose all federal funding, including research grants. He subsequently ordered an end to all federally mandated “anti-racism” training, which conditions people to mouth cultural Marxism’s lies (any dissent from that ideology is deemed “racism”).

Triumphant and unchained, he could do more. Most public schools are now Skinner boxes conditioning children to be good little cultural Komsomol members. A broad offensive to restore the teaching of skills and facts—he could call it “Schools 1950”—would be welcomed by most parents. In the workplace, anyone who contradicts cultural Marxism now stands in peril of losing his job. President Trump could announce that freedom of thought and speech must be respected by any business receiving federal funds. He could order that in all federal offices, including the military, any man accused of “sexual harassment” must be presumed innocent until proven guilty—the opposite is now the case—and revise what “sexual harrassment” means to exclude normal banter between men and women.

A re-elected President Trump could make powerful use of the bully pulpit to fight “cancel culture.” The cultural Marxists now “cancel” anyone who disagrees with them; as in the old Soviet Union, those people become “unpersons.” Their jobs, careers, social ties, and even physical safety are threatened unless they “apologize,” grovelling in the dirt before the great clay god “PC.” President Trump could break this by meting out the same treatment to the cultural Marxists themselves. He could organize boycotts of companies that practice “cancelation,” deny all federal contracts to the same, launch antitrust actions against electronic media that “cancel” conservative voices, and use the White House to give visibility to people the Left has “canceled.” He could order all federal departments to cease doing business with any entity that uses the vocabulary of cultural Marxism: “diversity,” “privilege,” “microaggressions,” etc.

And President Trump could dis-establish the Deep State itself. How? By calling a Constitutional Convention with the intent of abolishing most amendments passed since 1860. That would transfer back to the individual states the powers the federal government has usurped in the intervening 160 years. Its functions gone, how would the Deep State justify itself and its vast budget? The fleas would have lost their dog.

Here’s a cherry on top: A triumphant Trump pushes through a tax of one dollar on every robocall, to be paid by the phone company that delivers the call. The roboplague ends overnight and “Huzza for the President!” resounds from Boston Harbor to the Golden Gate bridge. 

William S. Lind is the author, with Lt. Col. Gregory A. Thiele, of the 4th Generation Warfare Handbook. Lind’s most recent book is Retroculture: Taking America Back.