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Emerging Democratic Party dogma: Traditional Christians are indecent people


This is interesting. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren believes that orthodox Christians, Orthodox Jews, orthodox Muslims, and all other Americans who hold traditional views on homosexuality, are indecent people.

I don’t know what Mike Pence would say, but I doubt he would call gay Americans and their straight allies “indecent” because of their beliefs. I certainly would not. I think they’re wrong, but their decency as human beings does not stand or fall on their belief on sexuality. That’s how I see it. What a remarkable thing that a Democratic presidential candidate would make such a judgment about tens of millions of her fellow Americans. I guess this is Democratic dogma now. This is the Democratic litmus test. On LGBT rights, you can’t simply be wrong; you are also evil.


Remind me again why Christians vote for Trump, despite his personal corruption? You think it might have something to do with the fact that we know what the Democrats have planned for us?

I hope every single Democratic candidate for president is asked the decent-people question. We need to know where they stand.

UPDATE: A reader e-mails:

Here’s the question that has to be asked of all the democratic nominees: is it permissible for someone to believe that same-sex marriage ought to be legally recognized while at the same time holding to the belief religiously that marriage is between one man and one woman? And if the answer is yes, is it permissible for the federal government or private businesses to exclude potential employees, grant recipients, etc, who harbor such beliefs and seek to live them out in the public lives? Or, is there more than one permissible way to think about the nature of human sexuality, or is your way the only correct way and those that disagree or to remain silent or be punished?



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