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The War by Women

Trust the science: Bad mothers are behind the explosion of militant LGBT identification.

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It ought to go without saying that no toddler has ever gone to a drag show of his own volition—at least if for no other reason than that toddlers do very little on their own.

The blame, just like the agency, lies elsewhere. The creeps who dress up in fetishized pastiche of femininity to gyrate and flounce before helpless little kids deserve a good bit of the blowback, to be sure. But the real culpability lies with the parents who drag their unsuspecting children into the lion’s den of rainbow activism.


More specifically, it’s the mothers. Even more specifically, it’s white activist mothers whose participation in the LGBT craze is essential to their escape from the oppressor class and their tumble into the society of the future.

Watch the videos of women who take their children to drag queen story hours as fodder for the fantasies of less than stable men; who line up before school boards and legislators to plead the cases of their pansexual genderfluid Trotskyist first-graders, who will surely commit suicide if any standard of decency is imposed on school curricula; who rave and ramble wild-eyed in spine-tingling TikTok clips about the LGBT indoctrination they hammer into their kids and the terrible evil no-good Republicans who might try to pump the brakes.

Are we supposed to believe it’s a coincidence that these are the people from whom the boom of gay and transgender children has magically popped up?

Are we supposed to believe that these lifestyles are innate features of individual souls that lay dormant for all of human history, then suddenly popped up in easily traceable and rapidly growing social clusters?



A recent study from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law—a radical pro-LGBT propaganda organization—finds that children raised by lesbians are significantly less likely to be straight and more likely to report same-sex attraction than children raised by their parents or other male-female couples.

As NBC News breaks it down:

Of the 76 children of lesbian parents, 70 percent of females and 90 percent of males identified as “heterosexual or straight,” compared to 88 percent of females and 98 percent of males in the demographically matched [National Survey of Family Growth control] group.

Further, 54 percent of women and 33 percent of men with lesbian parents reported having a same-sex sexual experience between the ages of 17 and 25, compared to 38 percent of women and 9 percent of men in the NSFG group.

The study’s authors apply quite a bit of spin.

Nanette Gartrell, the lead author, explains that children raised by two women “may have more expansive views of sexuality” than those raised in natural families.

“They were raised by parents who were nonjudgmental and may be more attuned to their own feelings because of the environments in which they were raised,” says Gartrell. “Perhaps we should be celebrating that the culture has evolved enough that these young people feel free to explore who they are.”

This is technically possible. Maybe the vast majority of humans since Adam have been terribly repressed and have just now learned to embrace their authentic selves.

Or maybe the plain truth is right there: Homosexuality, like all behaviors, is socialized—at least in large part. “Born this way” was a myth, and most people probably knew it all along. If not an individual choice, it is a societal one: The sudden explosion of LGBT identification (to say nothing of militancy) is a direct result of social shifts and can be wiped away into history by the same.

The spin is vital to their cause, because the implications of such a conclusion would necessarily extend well beyond the narrow scope of homosexual couples adopting or purchasing children.

(Keep in mind, this finding is for children raised by lesbian couples only. It shows a statistically significant deviation even without the other complications imposed on children by the environment and culture of male homosexuality.)

The premises on which this conclusion is based are by no means exclusively right-wing.

Under the right circumstances, every liberal white woman in America will spend hours of her life watching Netflix sleuths connect the dots between a person’s troubled upbringing and his sexual habits in adulthood. Why are we only allowed to psychoanalyze John Wayne Gacy?

Homosexuality is not exempted from the law that men will be molded by circumstances. In the maelstrom of postmodern relativism, why would this—of all things—be the one fact that stands immovable?

It is not. In fact, it is moving forward. The question to ask now is how much further the chaos spreads—as a whole generation raised in insanity ages into adulthood—after a few more revolutions. What findings on their children will we be reading down the road?

Pray, fast, don sackcloth and ashes, and check back in twenty years.


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