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The Starvation of Yemen

The war on Yemen is creating famine conditions.
The Starvation of Yemen

Al Jazeera reports on the deteriorating situation inside Yemen:

The UN report, released on Thursday, said 10 out of Yemen’s 22 governorates are facing an “emergency level” food security situation amid the ongoing conflict, including major areas like Aden, Taiz, Saa’da and Al Baida.

“We are seeing a serious and sharp deterioration of the food security situation because of the ongoing conflict, which is also making humanitarian access difficult,” said Salah El Hajj Hassan, Yemen Representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Six million Yemenis are at risk of starvation, and the World Food Program also reports that another seven million beyond that are going hungry. Those figures account for roughly half of Yemen’s population. The war on Yemen is creating famine conditions. That is a direct result of the Saudi-led coalition’s blockade of the country. These are the effects of the war that our government continues to support.

Health conditions also continue to get worse:

“Every day we receive between 90 and 100 patients infected by dengue fever,” said Marwa Marwan, a doctor at the emergency department of Aden’s Al-Breihi hospital.

She said 10-15 people die from dengue each day due to the lack of medicine to treat them.

Famine and disease always accompany war, but in this case the former are being made much worse than they would otherwise be by the Saudi-led campaign and blockade. The blockade of Yemen in particular is causing enormous harm to the civilian population by depriving them of essential food and medicines. As long as the blockade remains in place, many thousands more Yemenis will die from hunger and disease that could have been prevented.



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