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The SJW Singularity Has Been Reached

Fighting Trump via a romance novel about gay Muslims who pretend to be animals. No, really
Furry. Gay. Halal. Woke (Mot/Flickr)

Slate published this unironically. Starts like:

Kyell Gold’s new novel may lie at the most unlikely intersection in literary history: a gay immigrant Muslim romance involving furries—that is, people who feel a close identification with anthropomorphic animal characters.

“I wrote this book in part as a response to the wave of Islamophobia in this country,” Gold explained in an author’s note, “never dreaming at the time that it would crest as it has now.”

The Time He Desires is the story of Aziz, a cheetah in a faltering heterosexual marriage who explores the boundaries of his sexuality with the help of a gay fox. Aziz is a Sudanese immigrant, and he engages in a struggle with his desires that will be familiar to queer readers. Gold’s been writing furry romance novels full-time for several years, after bouncing from chemical engineering to business school to zoology. After he was laid off in 2010 with a generous severance package, his husband said, “if you’re going to be a full-time writer, this is the time to start.”


Muslims, queers, and furries all share the experience of having been marginalized by the mainstream, and of being continually forced to justify their existence. But just as public opinion on LGBTQ folks has softened over the last few years, furries seem to be enjoying a break as well.

Alert the Caliph. Slate says this book is a good anti-Trump effort. More please!

UPDATE: Reader Polichinello comments:

Ah, I can picture Ike giving his address to the troops before D-Day:

“Men, this is a hard thing we ask of you, and many of you will not come back. But remember, we have a purpose. We do this so that mentally disturbed people can put on animal costumes and dry hump each other at the Airport Ramada.”



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