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The Return of The State of The Union

In the Age of Trump, where tweets break news and make policy, watch here for quick analysis from our TAC team.

I am delighted to be able to introduce not just a fresh redesign of The American Conservative’s website but also the return of our State of the Union blog. Watch this space for quick reactions, commentary and analysis from Kelley Vlahos, Lewis McCrary, Matt Purple, Curt Mills, Barbara Boland, Addison Delmastro and the whole TAC team throughout the day, augmenting the steady output from Rod Dreher, Daniel Larison and Micah Mattix.

We’ll remain the go-to spot for in-depth reporting and opinion for thinking conservatives, champions of a free but humane economy that prioritizes Main Street over Wall Street, defenders of faith and family, and a bastion of realism and restraint in foreign policy. Our coverage of New Urbanism, Arts & Letters and crony capitalism will remain second to none. But in the Age of Trump, where tweets break news and even make policy, there is also room short and sweet takes as well as updates about our upcoming events.

Impeachment, war and rumors of war, the 2020 presidential campaign — the news cycle moves faster than ever before. We hope you’ll agree that the State of the Union is strong.



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