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The Racial Masochism Of The Left

People who think they kind of deserve to be assaulted by minorities is what happens when you Kendify and DiAngelize policy and discourse
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This is extraordinary:


You hear of this sometimes in Europe: liberals and progressives hesitant to report physical violence committed against them by migrants, because they don't want to subject the person who raped, robbed, or beat them to a supposedly racist criminal justice system. For example, in 2016, a left-wing German politician was raped by migrants, but admitted later to lying to police about the identity of her rapists, because she didn't want to make life harder for migrants.

What kind of sick ideology trains people like the politician, or the brutalized convenience store clerk above, to at some level accept that they deserve to be raped, beaten, and assaulted because their assailants are of a Sacred Minority? This is what the woke left wants. Don't believe me? On the first day of school this semester, a Denver high school showed this video to its students, a clip produced by scholar-activists at Barnard College in NYC, in which people are urged not to call the police if their attacker is a minority, because Justice:

This is what drives me crazy about decent, well-meaning folks like David Brooks being appalled by the smashmouth racism of Los Angeles Hispanic politicians who were secretly recorded. This all-race-all-the-time thinking is fundamental to the woke (that is, the illiberal) Left today! They've been mainstreaming it for years. What do people think Critical Race Theory is, if not for establishing different standards of justice based on race?

Where does the Left and all its institutional allies -- which is to say, every major institution in American life -- plan to go with this? Do they really believe that all whites, Asians, and Latinos can be trained to accept brutality from black criminals? Do they really think that America itself is Barnard College? So far, they haven't had any real pushback, so maybe they do.

This is what happens when you abandon classically liberal concepts of justice. This is what happens when you Kendify and DiAngelize policy and discourse. When the backlash comes, it's going to be quite ugly. Understand right now that it will be 100 percent the fault of the Left. As Kangmin Lee says in his conclusion to this short thread:


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Harry G. Hutchison
Harry G. Hutchison
In a world where civilizational self-deception is commonplace, a world where facts and objective truths are seen, like Nietzsche, as nothing but a mobile army of metaphors, a world where progress is inevitable, a world of unreality controlled by Neo-Pagan certainties, it is easy to ignore evidence that a plurality of anti-Asian attacks are committed by African Americans. Equally plain, this flight from reality enables cultural elites to ignore data showing that African Americans, in 2018, made up 53 percent of known homicide offenders, and most of their victims were also black. In 2020, despite the ghost of white supremacy, more than 90 percent of black homicide victims were killed by black offenders. At least 8,600 black lives were lost to homicide in 2020, an increase of more than 1,000 compared to 2019, as part of the largest year-to-year increase in homicides ever recorded in U.S. history. Ignoring such evidence and data showing that crime rates were much lower in the "Black Bottom" neighborhood in which my dad grew up in the 1940s and embracing a victimhood narrative that fails to hold actors accountable is now seen as a compassionate move, which allows all disparity to be blamed on race (ethnicity). This allows elites to focus on "white privilege" while Korean Americans, Syrian Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Indonesian Americans, and second-generation black West Indians, have higher test scores, lower incarceration rates, and lower crime rates than white males. Ignoring such evidence and refusing to hold perpetrators responsible has consequences. It means that everyone is now being victimized by our globalist elites as part of the prevailing narrative of racial essentialism that allows the man of lawlessness to arise as fatherhood craters.
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