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The Only ‘Foul Play’ In The Hunter Biden Investigation Was The Media’s

Hunter Biden's corruption scandal may have tipped the results of the election. The media did its best to suppress it.

Law enforcement is finally knocking on Biden Inc.’s door.

The Biden family’s suspicious overseas business dealings are well-documented. But over time, as I wrote in the pages of TAC in October, these dealings “became something much more serious than simple cronyism,” bordering on corruption. Now that prosecutors are involved, Joe Biden suddenly wants Americans to believe that “foul play” is responsible for what amounts to a decades-long open secret.

Yes, that is what the former vice president told Stephen Colbert on Thursday night: The government’s investigation into Hunter Biden is being “used to get to me” and is the result of “foul play.”

‘Deny, deny, deny’ had been the Biden campaign’s go-to playbook. Throughout the fall, the Democrat called allegations about his son’s foreign relationships “simply not true,” dismissed a reporter’s questions about them as a “smear campaign,” and concluded at the second presidential debate: “No one said anything he did was wrong in Ukraine.”

It is now indisputable that Joe Biden lied, with the Associated Press reporting last week about a subpoena “seeking documents from Hunter Biden … related to more than two dozen entities, including Ukraine gas company Burisma.” Federal prosecutors were “examining potential money laundering offenses” during the investigation, and a separate investigation at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pennsylvania is underway, too.

Unless Joe Biden is suggesting that all of these prosecutors are gullible dupes, the only “foul play” involved in the Hunter Biden investigation appears to be the media’s willful decision to suppress news of its existence in the weeks leading up to Election Day. Among the media’s sins:

First came New York Times columnist Ben Smith, who on October 17 urged journalists to not look into Biden until after the votes are counted in order to avoid “drop[ping] bombshells in the days before an election.”

Then an NPR managing editor bragged on October 22 that his company would not cover the Biden scandal because it did not want to “waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” Later that morning, the unedited video of President Donald Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview revealed CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl dismissing his contention that Joe Biden was “in the midst of a scandal.” She responded, laughing: “He’s not…No way. Come on.”

And who can forget Twitter head Jack Dorsey deciding to personally interfere by locking the New York Post — a centuries-old newspaper founded by Alexander Hamilton — out of its own social media account as retribution for publishing an investigative article about the Biden family? For more than two weeks, the social media giant cut off the flow of accurate and relevant information from voters.

It didn’t stop there, as the media continued to dig in its heels in the crucial days before the election.

To date, searching for ‘Tony Bobulinski’ — Hunter Biden’s former business partner who came forward with evidence that he “directly dealt with the Biden family, including [then vice president] Joe Biden” on overseas business deals — on CNN’s website still returns zero search results. NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell defended her network’s decision to ignore the scandal by stating that “we cover what is reliably truthful.” And investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept, which he co-founded, after his editors prohibited him from writing critically about the issue: “… I have been silenced about Joe Biden by my own media outlet.”

Knowing what we know now about ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden — with at least one dating back to 2018 — the media’s gymnastics-level acrobatics to avoid acknowledging that this corruption scandal existed looks like it may have even tipped the presidential election.

“Foul play” is right.

And Biden’s latest interview on Thursday as ‘president-elect’ — on top his formal transition team using its .gov website to defend Hunter Biden against “vicious personal attacks” — is a bad signal that the Democrat, if given the power, will use the levers of government to obstruct a justified investigation into Biden Inc.

A number of prominent Republicans have noted this, including U.S. Rep. Debbie Lesko of Arizona, who recently requested that U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr take steps to ensure that any investigation remains independent of such obstruction: “… the appointment of a Special Counsel is the only way to guarantee this occurs.”

The president and attorney general would be right to heed Lesko’s (and many others’) advice. It is the only way to enshrine accountability and defend against “foul play” — from Joe Biden and the media alike.

Brian Anderson is founder of the Saguaro Group, an Arizona-based research firm.



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