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The Indelible Stain of Starving Yemen

This is one of the largest crimes against humanity in recent times.
The Indelible Stain of Starving Yemen

The Financial Times sounds the alarm about famine in Yemen:

There is also little doubt that without a change of heart in Riyadh, Yemenis will starve on a scale the 21st century has yet to see. In such circumstances, the US and Britain would be found guilty of complicity in crimes committed in the name of Saudi hubris.

The Saudi-led coalition has permitted a few shipments of humanitarian aid into the country in the last couple of days, but this represents a tiny fraction of what the population needs to survive. Without commercial imports of food and fuel, the massive famine that the U.N. and numerous aid groups have predicted will claim countless innocent lives. Millions of lives are being deliberately threatened, and unless something changes very soon many hundreds of thousands will needlessly perish. The U.S. and Britain are already deeply complicit in the coalition’s crimes, and every day that they support the war on Yemen they become more so. The U.S. and British governments are among the leading accomplices in causing Yemen’s great famine, and their responsibility for this crime will stain them indelibly.

The disaster now engulfing the people of Yemen was entirely foreseeable and preventable, but the Western governments in a position to prevent it from happening chose instead to ignore the crisis and continued arming the governments responsible for creating it. Yemen has often been called the “forgotten” war, but millions of Yemenis are suffering from starvation and disease precisely because the coalition governments and their Western supporters have been paying the country the most destructive kind of attention. This is one of the largest crimes against humanity in recent times, but because its perpetrators are called “allies” and our governments are implicated in making it possible it still generates remarkably little outrage or opposition in the West.



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