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The Atrocity At Vanderbilt

Matt Walsh uncovers a culture of sexually mutilating children for profit at Tennessee's leading health care provider
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Future historians ought to wonder, as I do now, why it falls to non-professional journalists like Matt Walsh to do the job that professional journalists will not. The answer is obvious: because the professionals have been ideologically captured, and serve as stenographers for the Regime, even as they pride themselves on being Speakers Of Truth To Power.

I am on my way to Toronto this morning, where I will be giving a couple of talks this week, so I won't be posting a lot today. Please forgive any format irregularities below; I'm not sure how to thread tweets in reproduction on the new TAC software. I have to embed most of the tweets this way so you can see the videos. Anyway, here, in a series of tweets, is what Walsh and his team have uncovered:



How did Vanderbilt reply? How proud are they of what they're doing, and how confident they are that the public will approve?

Here is a link to Matt Walsh's podcast episode in which he discusses his findings.

In response to the Walsh exposé, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, is demanding a state investigation of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Good work, Matt! Readers, you might look back on the history of eugenics in early 20th century America, and see how it was embraced and celebrated by all the right-thinking elites, both politically and in civil society, and puzzle over how anything like that could ever have been accepted. Well, now you know. The butchery now happening at children's hospitals all over America is 100 percent embraced by the Democratic Party, and promoted by the news and entertainment media, as well as many public schools. They sexually mutilate children, and call it health care. Let that sink in. When traditional Islamic societies practice "female circumcision" on minor females, rendering them incapable of sexual pleasure for religious reasons, we are rightly appalled. But when the Woke do something far more horrible -- hormones that block puberty make sexual pleasure in adulthood impossible, but these mutilations go much further than what the backwards Muslims of Africa do -- it is celebrated as liberation.

Again: why does it fall to people like Matt Walsh, Libs of TikTok, Billboard Chris, Christina Buttons, Bari Weiss, and others outside the media mainstream to expose this stuff, or even to bring it up for public discussion? It does because professional journalism in America now cares more about managing the Narrative than reporting the news and asking hard questions.

Readers -- especially parents -- you need to know that there is an entire Trans-Industrial Complex dedicated to capturing the minds of your children, colonizing them with insane ideology, and leading them (and you) to consent to their permanent sexual mutilation. And there are some states that have passed laws allowing your minor child, after a certain age, to emancipate themselves from you for the sake of consenting to this mutilation. You think it won't affect you and your family? You are lying to yourself to preserve your own peace of mind.

The influential policymaking medical association WPATH now says that "eunuch" is a recognized gender identity, and that it can be identified in teens. This is how far these sickos are going. They will only be stopped by decisive and punitive political action. If your elected representatives aren't making fighting this evil a priority, why not? You had better start asking.