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Surprise! Pervs Target Target

Who, oh who, could have foreseen a male voyeur caught photographing a girl in a Target dressing room?

Who could have seen this coming? Who? From the Dallas Morning News:
Frisco police are seeking the public’s help identifying a man who recorded a girl in the changing room at a Super Target.

Police said the girl was in the women’s changing room at the store at 3201 Preston Road about 7 p.m. Tuesday when she saw a man peering over the wall with a cellphone pointed at her.

The girl told her parents and Target employees, but the man had already left the store.

The peeper was described as a thin white man, about 5-11 with dark hair. He was wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans and a dark baseball cap.

Here’s the man police are looking for, caught on a store security camera:


Sure, a heterosexual creep like this could have invaded the women’s facilities before Target’s new policy. But the new policy makes it less likely that if an employee sees a man going into the women’s facilities, that he or she will stop them, and much less likely that if a woman using the toilet or the changing room sees a man lurking there, that she will alert the store security. Good going, Target.

But hey, Love Wins, right? And “Love” is winning over America. Look at the results of the new CNN poll about so-called bathroom bills. Excerpt:

A few weeks ago, we noted that we don’t really know how Americans feel about so-called bathroom bills, an issue that has taken hold thanks to a controversial new North Carolina law. There just hasn’t been a ton of public polling on this.

Now we have a better idea. And it’s not good news for supporters of what North Carolina Republicans are doing.

A CNN/ORC poll released Monday found a majority of Americans (57 percent) don’t agree with bathroom bills like the one North Carolina is defending that restrict where transgender people can use the bathroom, while 38 percent do.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are more opposed to bathroom bills than Republicans are. But get a load of this:

Almost half of Republicans are opposed to laws requiring transgender people to use the bathroom on their birth certificates. In fact, according to the CNN poll, Republicans are actually split 48-48 about whether to support these bills.

Here, from the BBC, is a clip from a documentary it aired last fall about teen transgenders, looking for love. In the clip, a male-to-female teenage transgender goes to the beach with two girlfriends, to flirt with boys. The boys think the girls (including Claire, the trans) are cute, and they exchange phone numbers. Later, when the guys find out Claire is transgender, they drop her. She’s on video complaining about straight guys who won’t date her simply because she has a penis. Such bigots! This is how media propagandizes us to accept the insane as normal.

We are living in a new country. There’s a completely implausible op-ed piece on Ethika Politika today, blaming the Benedict Option for giving us Trump. The idea is that when orthodox Christians vacate the public square, people like Trump triumph. But there’s no evidence that American Christians have by and large vacated the public square. Most churchgoing Christians who are Republican voted for other candidates in the primaries; Trump’s victory showed how little power religious and social conservatives have now. No, most Christians have not left the public square; the public square has left them, so to speak.

That is, Trump is part of what it means to be in a post-Christian nation (and so, by the way, is Hillary, with the platform she’s running on). It is simply an illusion that traditional Christians are a silent majority in this country, and that if we only wake up, we can put matters aright. This CNN poll, while not In my own culturally red state of Louisiana, a 2015 LSU poll (pre-Obergefell) showed that a majority of adults 18-49 are pro-gay marriage. Overall, Millennials are decisively rejecting fundamental Christian teachings on the meaning of sex and sexuality, and unborn human life.

And, of course, Millennials are leaving the church in droves.

I was doing some research this week for my Benedict Option book, and was reading about Augustine’s City Of God, written in the immediate aftermath of the sack of Rome (410) by the Visigoths. The author explained that this had been a long time coming, but when it happened, it was such a shock to Roman citizens all over the Empire that many struggled to accept that it had actually occurred.

This is the position many conservative Christians are in today, about American culture and society. You cannot afford your illusions. We cannot afford your illusions.

So, yes, in an effort to be more Love Wins-y, Target instituted a policy that made it more likely that perverted heterosexual men will invade the women’s bathrooms and changing areas, and make women and girls unsafe. Any idiot could have seen this coming. But there is no idiot like an idiot whose eyes are blinded by ideology. This is America today.



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