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The State of the Union

This is What ‘Withdrawal’ Looks Like

After months of hysteria, it seems even Donald Trump can't bring the troops home from Syria.
Matt Purple December 5, 2019

Fear and Loathing At NATO

Trump is Trump Inside a worm-holed gathering in London.
Curt Mills December 4, 2019

Tucker Carlson & “Main Street” Conservatism

The Fox News host skewers GOP mega-donor Paul Singer for destroying a small Nebraska town.
Emile A. Doak December 4, 2019

Make America Trite Again

Kamala Harris was the fusion of American pop culture and politics—to her detriment.
Matt Purple December 3, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard Defeats Kamala Harris

One Democrat leaves the presidential race while the other is still standing.
W. James Antle III December 3, 2019

Trump’s Curious Freeze, Then Release of Military Aid to Lebanon

Officials won't comment on who or why these decisions were made at the height of protests there.
Barbara Boland December 3, 2019

Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man for the CIA?

Explosive charges: illegal surveillance of Assange hand-delivered to U.S. agency via Trump pal's Sands casino.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos December 3, 2019

The Barr Summary 2.0

In the Trump-Russia investigation, it's not just the White House that wants to get out ahead of damaging findings.
W. James Antle III November 29, 2019