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Stasi Doping Made This Girl A Man

In US, mom, dad, doctors doing same to children who cannot meaningfully consent
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Last night I watched the first episode of a three-part BBC documentary series titled The Lost World Of Communism, which aired in 2009. It was a portrait of life in East Germany. It was pretty interesting. The most shocking thing was the part (starts 34:20) about Andreas Krieger. As Heidi, Krieger was a medal-winning East German athlete who received massive doses of anabolic steroids, starting when she was only 16. She was unaware of what was happening to her. Krieger blames the steroids for making her male. Eventually she underwent a sex change operation. She tells the BBC that as a teenager, her sexuality was fluid, and that she believes that because of this secret state hormone dosing, “I switched over to the masculine side.”

“I realized they’d made a lab rat out of me, because they saw my potential,” Krieger says. “East Germany has taken my life away from me, and without asking.”

Naturally we recoil in horror at what the totalitarian state did to this minor without her consent or knowledge. But you know, minors in our culture today can not meaningfully consent to hormone-dosing any more than Heidi Krieger did. Yet our doctors conspire openly with parents of these children to jack them up with hormones too, with the express purpose of altering their sex.

It’s not the Stasi doing it here; it’s mom and dad.

And as in East Germany, it is supported by the ruling class. Just the other day, NBC News’s LGBT advocacy web channel reported that the Biden Foundation is helping support a campaign to promote trans children acceptance. When even 76-year-old Joe Biden, the former Democratic vice president, is foursquare behind promoting sex changes for children, you have to wonder what special kind of madness has descended upon the left-wing elites. Naturally, the media propaganda factory churns out cheerful “news” normalizing this stuff too.

In his book The Demon in Democracy, Ryszard Legutko writes:

When we look at communism and liberal democracy from this point of view, we can see that they are both fuelled by the idea of modernization. In both systems a cult of technology translates itself into acceptance of social engineering as a proper approach to reforming society, changing human behavior, and solving existing social problems. This engineering may have a different scope and dynamics in each case, but the society and the world at large are regarded as undergoing a continuous process of construction and reconstruction. In one system this meant reversing the current of Siberia’s rivers, in the other, a formation of alternative family models; invariably, however it was the constant improvement of nature, which turns out to be barely a substrate to be molded into a desired form. Although today’s ideology of environmentalism fashioned idolatrous reverence for the earth and its fauna and flora, it did not change the enthusiasm for treating human nature and society in a dangerously technological manner.

I hope I live long enough to see justice done for these child victims of their own parents and family doctors.



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