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Smithsonian’s Anti-White Propaganda

Washington's African American history museum has toxic ideas about whites -- and, strangely, blacks
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Look at this stunning exhibition from the website of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. This is from its web page about the menace of “Whiteness”. Aside from the anti-white stereotypes here, notice the inadvertently anti-black insanity: things like hard work, being on time, cause and effect, “rational thinking,” respect for authority, politeness — all these things, according to the museum, are manifestations of “whiteness.” Did David Duke write this stuff? It’s crazy! If a white man said that black people are lazy, can’t keep to a schedule, have no respect for authority, can’t think straight, are rude, etc. — he would be rightly criticized as racist.

But there it is, at the taxpayer-funded National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Why? Why do we pay for this racist propaganda? The museum itself looks fantastic, but this is disgusting.

The museum teaches black people that being on time for work is racist oppression. Don’t believe me? Look. What kind of country do the museum curators want?

UPDATE: I can’t get over this. If you assume that everything these curators say below is true, then you can explain a great deal of the chronic problems within black America. What kind of neighborhood would you expect to have if most of the people in it devalued hard work, rejected the idea that they needed to be on time, refused to defer gratification, did not respect authority, sought out conflict, laughed at politeness, rejected the traditional family model, and so forth? You’d have communities that were beset by crime and generational poverty, without the cultural tools to overcome the chaos. There are plenty of white people in this country who live by similar rules — and they’re chronically poor too.

UPDATE.2: The black writer Thomas Chatterton Williams is really upset by this garbage. He writes in part:

UPDATE.3: The Smithsonian is defending itself from criticism, and wants you to settle down and be “holistic” about its racism:




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