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SJW: Darrell Brooks Is A Victim Of Racism

'Do the members of the jury understand the meaning of equity in our criminal justice system?'
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You might have thought the conviction of crazy man Darrell Brooks in the mass murder of a Christmas crowd into which he drove his car was a vindication of justice. Wrong! According to Laura Halbert, the conscience of Woke Wypipo in Watertown, Wisconsin, it was a travesty. She writes in the Watertown Daily Times that the verdict in the trial in which the defendant -- a lifelong violent criminal and sex offender -- represented himself, and had to be ejected several times for disruptive behavior, was "a racist, unjust outcome". Why? Read on:

Throughout the trial, the judge repeatedly cut off Mr. Brooks and refused to let him speak. The judge went so far as to deny Mr. Brooks his right to call additional witnesses and to testify himself. Mr. Brooks’ actions were completely justified given the way he has been treated the past year, and throughout his life.

The majority of the individuals who testified were white. They ganged up on him to spread lies, and the judge was complicit. Mr. Brooks, a black man, was repeatedly told by the judge to “stop talking.” Numerous times the judge talked over Mr. Brooks, moved Mr. Brooks to another courtroom, and muted Mr. Brooks when she didn’t like what he was saying.

Did members of the jury receive any anti-bias training? What about anti-racist training? Do the members of the jury understand the meaning of equity in our criminal justice system? Why wasn’t Mr. Brooks allowed to argue for jury nullification?

Wisconsin’s criminal laws were written by a racist, gerrymandered legislature. Jury nullification should be an option in every single court case involving a person of color.

I guess we learned nothing from what happened to George Floyd. Two years later and nothing has changed. Racism is alive and well in and outside of the courtrooms of Wisconsin. It’s time we look in the mirror and reflect on our white privilege.

How long are we going to stay silent and let more black men fill our prisons due to our complicit racism? White silence is violence, and another black man will have to spend the rest of his life behind bars because of it.

Laura Halbert



She forgot to ask why the six dead white people thought they were so important as to impede with their bodies the progress of a black man through Waukesha in his SUV. Are they against "driving while black"?

Where would we be without the moral voice of the Laura Halberts of this world? I ask you.

Here is an image of eight year old Jackson Sparks, one of Brooks's victims that day. The kid had gone to see a Christmas parade. Brooks killed him. I wish Laura Halbert of Watertown, Wi., would have to wake up and see this image of that poor sweet boy every day for the rest of her miserable life. He might have reflected on his white privilege, as Halbert suggests, but he couldn't look in the mirror on account of he was under Darrell Brooks's SUV.


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Chris Karr
Chris Karr
Decadence is being a political pundit and everything's working so well for you that you have to start tackling letters to the editor to make your column inches.

You're going to have your hands full if the letters page is your new beat.
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Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker
Well, Laura Halbert appears to be unusually extreme. Even the Usual Suspects like Kendi or Coates don't seem to think that Brooks got anything more than what was coming to him. The only thing that disturbs me is that the Watertown Daily Times decided to publish such a crank letter. I doubt many newspapers would have stained their pages with a letter complaining about the "persecution" of white mass murderers like Dylan Roof or Payton Gendron.
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Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
Words are not violence. Silence is certainly not violence. It may be negligence, or it may be a form of preventive self-defense, but it's not violence.

Imagine seeing two people fighting, where there is an apparent aggressor, and an apparent victim. Is there an obligation on you to interfere? Should you be held legally and morally liable for not stopping a fight?

There isn't, and no, you shouldn't. There is no obligation on anyone to take up the universal cause of justice. We have an obligation to care for the weak, for the children, for the elderly, to defend them and to interfere on their behalf, for that is the basic social contract. But there is no obligation to extend special care for other able-bodied adults, and there is certainly no obligation to care for "races" of people, unless one also assumes that some races are like the children, or the elderly, or the disabled.

This is pure racism, the continued infantilization of black people, in other words.

And yes, according to this logic, standing there with arms folded is the same as being violent.

They're going to put us in prisons not just for our words, but for our silence, too. Rod is right, this is a bad scene, and these people are serious. Maybe not rationally, but they passionately believe this stuff.

You are acting contemptible and deranged, Laura Halbert. Turn back if you still can, because your logic is a dead end.
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