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Securing the Border: America’s Priority Number One

The country needs GOP legislators who will get out of their own way.

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Our country is being invaded because President Joe Biden refuses to secure our borders. He has rolled out the welcome mat, and illegal immigrants are pouring in by the millions. 

The current surge is easy to blame on Biden. Nevertheless, there are certain Republicans who must also take responsibility. When Donald Trump was elected president, the GOP controlled the House, Senate, and White House; it should have been easy to encode Trump’s executive orders into law, but the moderate wing of the GOP stopped the legislation. Hence, this November, it is not enough to re-elect Trump as our President; we must elect more real conservatives to Congress. 


So, how would a conservative Congress stop the invasion?

First and foremost, our country needs to build and then protect the wall. A hard southern border will stop the lion’s share of illegal immigration.

But, as we all know, that is not enough. We must end all the asylum loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to abuse our justice system in order to remain here. Asylum and refugee claims should only be allowed for people of certain countries and should be processed according to the traditional first-safe-country standards. Birthright citizenship should be reserved for babies born of legal residents of our nation. And we must end the visa lottery system and visa overstays, along with strengthening background checks. 

To strictly enforce the rules, protect the wall, and end Biden’s catch-and-release policy, Congress needs to increase the funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and permit officers to properly execute their mission. Having traveled to Eagle Pass, I can tell you firsthand that they are overwhelmed.

We also need to increase funding for the courts so that they can dispose of the deportation disputes and false asylum claims.


To protect the taxpayers, we need to withhold federal funding to all sanctuary cities and states. Why should we give them our tax dollars to help law-breakers? The funds for sanctuary states should be sent to Texas and Florida for their efforts to protect our nation from foreign threats. 

Other taxpayer-funded programs such as welfare and free lawyers for court hearings should not be made available to illegal immigrants. By cutting off all benefits, that will substantially decrease the motivation for illegally entering our nation, and maybe some illegal immigrants will self-deport.

Now the moderates and the Democrats will demand immigration reform as part of any package. Once again, this is why we need a conservative Congress to hold the line. There should be a 5-year moratorium on legal immigration, giving us time to clean up the Biden mess. For those who have been on the waiting list, we should give them consideration. 

Once we have secured the border, immigration reform must include a merit-based system, an end to chain migration, and increasing penalties in human trafficking. 

These items I have outlined are a must for ending the invasion and dealing with the millions who are presently in our country. Getting this done requires electing bold conservatives not weak Republicans. 

The bottom line is that while we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. If you don’t respect our laws, you are not worthy of being in our country.