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Schools Vs. Parents

Many schools deliberately deceive moms and dads about their gender-diverse kids. Does your kids' school?
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That pic above is from the invaluable Libs Of Tik Tok twitter account. A good rule of thumb: if your kid's teacher looks like a sno-cone, get your kid out of that school.

A reader who teaches at a private school forwarded this to me from a listserv for school administrators nationwide. The author is an administrator at a fancy private school, one that charges between $38,000 and $45,000 per year in tuition, depending on the grade. I have blacked out his name and the name of the school:


Isn't that just the perfect woke educator e-mail? Anyway, you see here a woke school admin asking for best practices about overnight rooming on school trips, and for doing so in a way that deceives parents who may not know that their child is presenting as gender non-normative. In other words, this man is seeking help in deceiving parents.

This is happening everywhere. Do you know that your kid's school doesn't have a policy to deceive you along these lines? Are you sure? These woke schools hit kids with trans propaganda (as if they don't get enough of it in popular culture), and then insert themselves between the kids and their parents, effectively lying to their parents (by omission or commission) to support the minor child's taking on an identity that could result in them doing permanent harm to themselves with chemicals and/or surgery. Oh, and depending on the state -- this school is in one of those aggressively progressive Blue States -- the minor child may, at a certain age, be allowed by law to emancipate himself from his parents, for the sake of getting hormones or surgery.

This school above is part of that vampiric web of deceit. I cannot remind you often enough that this is what Communist governments did: asserted the right to stand between parents and their children, for the sake of raising good Communist kids not tainted by their parents' ideology.

We are living this kind of thing out in America right now. If you have your kids in one of these woke schools, get them out now, before the school captures their minds. If you don't know what your kid's school's policies are on trans, you had better make it your business to find out.

At the National Conservatism conference in Miami recently, I gave a speech talking about how Christians (and not just Christians) need to learn how to be Shadrach in this American Babylon. You know the story from the Book of Daniel, right? About how the three Hebrew men -- Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego -- were faithful servants of the king, but when the king ordered them to bow down before a false idol, they chose to be thrown into a fiery furnace rather than live by that lie and betray God. Of course God miraculously saved them. My argument in the NatCon speech is that even as we live here in Babylon and serve its kings, we had better live so that we always know who we are, and Whose we are, so that when we are put to the test -- and we will be -- we will not rationalize our compliance, but will be prepared to suffer for the sake of truth. Being Shadrach when it comes to whether or not to send your kid to a $40,000/yr school might be an easier call than most of us will be called to make, but make no mistake: we are all going to be put to the test. This battle is upon us. There are places to position yourself that are more defensible -- and you should find those places -- but there is ultimately no escape. People like that teacher-administrator are after your kids. You had better wake up while there is still time.

Here's the speech: