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Guess Who Else Believes In The Real Presence?

Based on police information, Catholic diocese warns priests that Satanists will try to steal consecrated Hosts

The Satanic Temple in Houston held a black mass the other day, as part of a promotional event at a local craft brewer’s, to celebrate the advent of its “Black Mass Ale”. Here’s how the Satanists promoted it:

The event drew understandable protest from Catholics, given that a Black Mass involves the desecration of a consecrated host, which, to Catholics, is the Body of Christ. TST tweeted:

There are blasphemous photos from the black mass available online. I’m not going to post them here. I don’t like giving these creeps publicity, but I do so because the following urgent letter went out from the Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles (which is on the Texas border, not far from Houston) to all priests and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, based on information received from the Louisiana State Police:

As the Catholic reader who passed that on to me said:

While only 30 percent of Catholics believe in the Real Presence, 100 percent of Satanists do.

At a minimum, this is a warning that Satanists are planning to commit an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic hate crime (and Brash Brewing proudly hosted the commission of one on November 26). But of course believing Catholics know that something much more vile than a mere “hate crime” is happening here. People like to say that The Satanic Temple is nothing more than a group of publicity seekers and provocateurs. Well, they certainly are at least that, but if that’s all they were doing, they would not care about whether or not they procured a real consecrated Host for their rituals. They mean business. They’re not kidding. Do not be gaslit by these people. Spiritual warfare is real.

By the way, this tweet from TST sends a clear and unmistakable message:




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