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The Return of ‘San Francisco Democrats’

As in 1984, the liberal city is once again a symbol for looney-left misrule. One good GOP answer: Winchester Republican Winsome Sears
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I just don’t get the Democrats. Liberal talking heads are still ranting and raving about how white supremacy is responsible for Terry McAuliffe’s loss in Virginia last week — this, because of the controversy over Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools. The Left’s reaction to the CRT controversy is a version of the Law of Merited Impossibility. It’s like, We are not teaching Critical Race Theory in the schools, and it’s a good thing we are, you white supremacists! That is, it’s as if you can only recognize the presence of CRT if you are eager to praise it.

The fact that Virginians elected a black Republican lieutenant governor is taken as more evidence that they are white supremacists, because Winsome Sears is not really black. Seriously, this is what talking head Michael Eric Dyson ranted about to Joy Reid:

According to CNN’s exit polling, 61 percent of whites voted for Sears, who is black:

They voted for her because they are conservatives, and so is she. It can’t be possible in the mind of the American left that someone could vote not on race, but on political conviction — so they convince themselves that Winsome Sears, a Jamaican immigrant, Christian, US Marine veteran, small business owner, and former homeless shelter manager, is not really black.

What terrible people they are, the Michael Eric Dysons and Joy Reids. But you see why their fanaticism is so unattractive to normal people. They demand that you vote their way, and think their way, or you are a racist — even if you are black! Gosh, I can’t imagine why more people aren’t drawn to a party that embraces this garbage.

Do the Democrats not grasp that ordinary Americans hear what the Left says about “whiteness” as evil? If you tell people that they are wicked by virtue of the color of their skin, you should not be surprised when they don’t vote for you. To be fair, I am not aware of specific Democrats who have done that (though there may be some). But who among the Democrats speaks out clearly and unequivocally against this neoracism? They don’t because they don’t want to antagonize their base, which embraces it. Fine, but don’t be surprised when actual white people hear you loud and clear, and vote for candidates from the party that doesn’t hate them.

Similarly, consider the Democratic Party’s views on crime and punishment. We all saw their reaction to the 2020 race riots and looting. San Francisco is a liberal city that elected a District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, descended from Marxist royalty, who campaigned on a soft on crime theme — “decarceration” and the like. Crime, already bad there, is now out of control in that city now. Look:

Click on the SF Chronicle story. This is not a joke: people in San Francisco really are wondering if their city should become Brazilified. Thomas Chatterton Williams, on the same story:


Kramerbooks is just off Dupont Circle, in a very nice part of Washington. If this is happening next to Kramer’s, and police just ignore it, then DC is going to hell.

Back to San Francisco. Look at this clip, taken by a tourist. You might be mad that the cable car guy is just eating his sandwich and watching, but would you risk getting shot to intervene?

Another, maybe the same crew:

Here’s a response to the Chronicle story on Twitter — achingly liberal:

It’s almost like liberals cannot deal with the human capacity for evil.

Who wants to live in a city run by soft-on-crime liberals like SFO Mayor London Breed, and DA Chesa Boudin? Remember, San Francisco is the city where the lunatic school board couldn’t get the schools back open during Covid, but wasted time and money on a plan (now scrapped) to rename the city’s schools to scrub memory of historical monsters like, um, Abraham Lincoln and Paul Revere.

It is time for the Republican Party to resurrect Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s insult in her 1984 GOP Convention speech, smearing “the San Francisco Democrats.” Kirkpatrick was a hawkish neoconservative Democrat whose speech was about foreign policy. The Democratic convention that year, the one that nominated Walter Mondale, was held in San Francisco, which even then was a symbol of far-left liberal governance. Well, almost 40 years later, “San Francisco Democrats” symbolizes a political party that is so paralyzed by its own crackpot dogmas that it cannot govern, and allows a city to be overrun by actual criminals, and ideologues who take over institutions and ruin them. And remember: the people of San Francisco elected these leaders.

Longtime readers know that I am a conservative, but not a Republican. I quit the party in 2008, angry over the Iraq War and the party’s coddling of Wall Street (to be fair, since the Clinton administration, the Democrats have been Wall Street’s best friends too). The GOP does not impress me, and I have voted Democratic in local elections (e.g., for Louisiana governor). That said, the past four years of the Great Awokening and its effect on the Democratic Party has made it all but impossible to consider voting Democratic. I’m a white male Christian: why should I vote for a party whose most strident voices openly hate me, my family, and my friends? Why should I vote for a party overseeing the march of woke radicals through institutions which they ruin by mainstreaming their insane theories?

Watch at least some of Winsome Sears’ victory speech. It’s proud and hopeful and patriotic. Compare this to the unhinged, bigoted ranting of Michael Eric Dyson, whose views mirror those of the Democratic Party’s elites. Which one has a more appealing story to tell America? More than half the white Virginians who voted for lieutenant governor voted for Winsome Sears — and that victory speech tells you why. The more the Democratic Party doubles down on its anti-white racism and soft-on-crime squish-headedness, the better things look for the GOP. The Sears family lives in Winchester, Virginia. I’ll take Winchester Republicans over San Francisco Democrats any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

UPDATE: J.D. Vance said the other day, and Batya Ungar-Sargon said on CNN this weekend, that this is class war masquerading as culture war. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Amy Siskind, with 524,000 Twitter followers, on “these women”:

Can’t imagine why non-college-educated white women wouldn’t want to vote for a party run by white women like Amy Siskind, who hate them.

UPDATE.2: A reader writes:

This is all about powerful left-wing women signaling to any professional women who want as much as to co-exist with the right understand that they will be punished for it. Educated women skew left, even hard left. What do you think is going to happen when those educated, privileged white women clash with angry, economically marginalized white men?

UPDATE.3: Reader Jonah R. comments:

I just looked on the NPR website. There’s been only one story about Winsome Sears since the election, and it’s an overview of how black conservatives “walk a fine line.”

She hasn’t been mentioned in the New York Times since the November 3 story “Election losses leave U.S. Democrats reeling.”

She hasn’t been mentioned in the Washington Post since the November 3 story announcing her win.

If she had a “D” after her name, they’d already be cranking out the action figures, T-shirts, and children’s books.

And the truth is, she’s a very interesting, accomplished person. She’s an immigrant, attended a community college, became an electrician, served in the military, attended non-elite colleges, ran a homeless shelter, and owns an appliance and plumbing-repair store. Compared to someone like Kamala Harris, who has spent her entire life in politics and law, Winsome Sears is a breath of fresh air. She reminds me of people I know who have more inborn political savvy than people who live and breathe politics. People like her know how to get things done, and others, especially their foes, gravely underestimate them.

I was in the car over the weekend, listening to NPR. At the top of the newscast, they reported that another barrier had been broken in racial progress. Thanks to Biden, the US Census Bureau now had its first Latinx (yes, NPR uses that stupid fake term that Latinos hate) director. This is what makes headline news at NPR these days: a bureaucrat of the right ethnic background running a government agency. But not Winsome Sears.




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